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  1. Hey Len! Thanks man, I think i'll just chalk this one up to being a practice run. The pork was out the fridge about 20 mins before it went in the smoker, and from memory I'm sure the probe came in at 42 I spritzed once every hour after hour 2 with apple cider vinegar, apple juice and water mix In Scotland it sometimes feels like the difference between summer and winter is only warm or cold rain The stall at 135 had me really puzzled as well. It crept up around 2 degrees every 45mins or so from 135
  2. Thanks John. I'll study it to the letter and report back, hopefully this time with a perfect pulled pork
  3. Thanks mate. Im in Scotland so you can imagine my joy after 9.5 hours checking on it in the pissing rain
  4. Yeah it was a supermarket boneless pork shoulder. I was wondering if maybe I should have left some fat on the top, but if its likely to be that fact i took it off too early and didn't rest it long enough i'll buy another and try again. I ended up running out of fuel in my Kamado by the end so next time i'll maybe take out the ash basket and just fill the Kamado up normally so i can fir more lump wood in. The disappointment with this one was real. I just made a couple toasted sandwiches with some bbq sauce and cheese and it actually tasted really good. Next time i'll set up to be cooking by 7am.
  5. Hey guys, I'm looking for some advice as to why my last 2 cooks have ended up a disaster! Yesterday I attempted to cook pulled pork for the first time but after a 9.5 hour cook it came out really dry and wouldn't pull at all. I used a shop bought 2kg pork shoulder, trimmed most of the fat off and had it in my kamado for 2pm temps between 225 and 250 the entire time. The pork stalled at about 135 at about 4pm for around 3 hours, and then slowly rose to 165 before i wrapped it at about 10pm. I spritzed it regularly throughout the cook and before wrapping, and I pulled it out to rest at 195. Took it out the cooler bag expecting it to be juicy and falling apart but it was like tough leather on the outside and just dry on the inside. I tested all my temperature probes and even took the thermometer out the kamado to test and they all checked out fine. What the hell am I doing wrong?
  6. Thanks mate! The Masterbuilt makes sense. I'm holding off until Black Friday and then i'll order one that weekend.
  7. Thanks guys Grill_Boy - that egg looks great! Don’t think we can get them as easy this side of the pond. Great price thoug!
  8. Hi guys, Im taking my first steps in to the Kamado world this week by buying my first Kamado Grill I've spent months researching and looking but Im stuck between 2 grills and could use a nudge in the right direction. Im based in the UK, and Im torn between: Kamado Bono - Their "Media" version has a 17" grate diameter, comes with their version of divide and conquer system, a rain cover, ash tool and a chicken holder. £599 + £60 delivery. The accessories are plentiful and they are reasonably priced compared to other brand name eggs. Reviews for the Kamado Bono range is excellent. or Masterbuilt MCG300S - You know the drill with this one, its basically a KJ Classic 2 and would fit all the KJ accessories. 18" grate diameter, comes with an ash tool and a grate grabber. £599 + £30 delivery. All opinions and suggestions are welcome!
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