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  1. Oo... the Inkbird IBT-4XC is waterproof... which just might make all the difference for me. Thanks @Dogstar
  2. Hello all, I just spent the last hour wandering around this excellent forum looking for the answer to this question... but no luck. I bought a KJ Classic II two years ago and have been enjoying the journey of figuring it out. This morning I went looking for my TP20 thermometer and found it OUTSIDE behind a flower pot. It is dead. As I look to replace it I realize that I haven't actually put the probe IN the meat in months. I might be brainwashed from reading forums at this point, but i don't really trust the thermometer for slow roasts anymore. It's cooked when it's cooked. And, frankly, for most of the cook, i don't need to know the temp of the meat anyway... (maybe around a stall). I'll be at the bbq, stick the thermapen in, and see when i get there. So. What I really want is just something that will tell my phone what the grill temperature of the bbq is. I'm probably never going to hook up a fan (never say never) and everyone in the house is trained to adjust the temp if i'm out of the house. I just want to know "hey dave, the grill surface temp is sneaking above 235, someone should get out there and close a vent". Does such a thing exist, or am I stuck buying a $200 super awesome meat thermometer when all i want to know is the grill temp? Thanks! dave.
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