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  1. Regardless of the type of meat or how it was cooked I've never liked the microwave for reheating protiens myself. I either use the oven or a pan on the stove. For pulled pork I wrap in foil and warm in the oven.
  2. Leaving out the hickory will help. Fruit wood like apple has a milder taste than than woods like hickory and mesquite.
  3. I've cooked a few briskets now and feel that rest time is most important on this cut of meat. My first one while the flavor was good was slightly tough initially but very tender when reheated. To reheat I wrap in foil and placed in the oven at 190 for a couple hours. This piece of meat only rested for 20 munutes due to longer than expected cook time and impatient hungry people. My second two both rested for about 2 1/2 hours and were tender and delicious. All three were cooked unwrapped the entire time and pulled at 196-198 then wrapped in foil. I truly believe the rest time made all the diffe
  4. That looks awesome! Well done.
  5. I did replace the batteries shortly after I started. I have a feeling the temp outside was likely affecting the performance of the transmitter. I believe the warranty is 90 days so I'll see how it works with warmer temps.
  6. Thanks again for the input. I will be trying this next time around.
  7. I used this thermometer for the first time yesterday during my Boston butt cook and I'm wondering if it was working as it should. My question is about the wireless receiver. Is it normal for it to update only about every 5 minutes (sometimes longer) and when more than about 20 feet away while in the house it didn't tend to update nearly as well if at all. I removed the batteries that came with the units and replaced them with new ones which didn't change things at all. It was only 17 degrees outside yesterday morning when I started and never got higher than 20's. Maybe the sending unit bein
  8. Thanks for the input guys. I think I may give it a try next time I do a pork butt
  9. I ccoked a 9.5 lb bone in boston butt yesterday. Temp in the acorn was 240's for most of the cook which was my desired range. Put it on at 7:30 am and took it off at 6:30 pm at 195 degrees and wrapped it and rested in cooler for an hour. It was excellent! My wife who isn't a big pork eater even loved it. I never opened the acorn the entire time which I thought would absolutely drive me crazy by was quite pleased to find out it didn't actually bother me. :D Question- Has anyone ever cut a large butt in half before cooking it? The reason I ask is because the family, myself included tend to li
  10. I've been reading and watching the videos on the site for a couple weeks and just put together my CG Acorn last night night. While I have a great deal of grilling experience I have very limited experience smoking and slow cooking with fire. I fugured after watching every BBQ show on TV multiple times and the reading I've done over the last year or so it was time to get in the game myself. I spent the first 25 years of my in the Minneapolis area and the last 20 years here in eastern South Dakota. I'm looking forward to continuing to learn and hopefullly someday being able to share a few tips o
  11. I posted this a couple days ago in the review thread and have since found this thread. My main question/concern is the video and the picture in the first post of this thread show the good top vent. The ones I've looked at on the red units is a silver metal color not black powdercoat and much lower quality. Which version is on the most current models?
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