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  1. ... And a shout out to Aashni - "let's get that bad boy on the grill!"
  2. Thanks John - I subscribed to the Atlanta Grill channel now...awesome St Louis ribs first up! Best wishes for your endeavours.
  3. Recently browsing the Kamado Joe cooking channel on Youtube, I was surprised to see the last vid by John seems to have been the doeJOE chicken thighs, from June 19th, 2020. Without wishing to embarrass him in any way, he's such a legend and institution on that channel, I was suprised to find no mention of it on this forum (perhaps there is/was but my observation skills are lacking, or perhaps it's not a topic for discussion). Anyway, I just wanted to sincerely thank John for his expertise, guidance and laid back style in presenting so much knowledge over the years. I still make his pumpkin pie from Nov 2014 regularly - it's a favourite! I'm glad he's still posting here
  4. When my current nomex felt gasket wears out, I'd like to change to the newer fibreglass mesh gasket as found on the new Joes. I have an original Classic 1 model, which is fantastic, but doesn't have the air hinge or locking mechanism. I've read in different places different info on whether or not the Classic without the airlift hinge or locking lid you should us a fibre mesh gasket on both the lid and bottom half, or just the bottom half, in order to get a proper seal. I've also seen the actual KJ version of the gasket for sale, but often out of stock, as well as what looks like the same thing but aftermarket for "KA Master". Anyone had an experience with the KA Master version? Same quality / width as the OEM version? https://www.amazon.com/KAMaster-Gasket-Classic-Fiberglass-Replacement/dp/B087B2QCFH Permatex copper at the ready....
  5. Settings are: P: 2.5I: 0.035D: 6Fan: on above 40%, min 0%, max 50%, startup max 90% I purchased a pre-printed adapt-a-damper, with the 6.7 cfm fan, which is plenty enough for a kamado oven. Yeah, you can buy a pre-soldered unit, but where's the fun in that? You do still have to fit together the servo damper, case and wire the ethernet keystone.
  6. At the risk of sounding like a bit of a fanboi, I just put together a Heatermeter kit, and this is one amazing DIY temperature controller. Compared to the commercial / assembled options I was looking at, the Heatermeter is cheaper, although not too different by the time you buy probes, a case, and spend time putting it together. Its main advantage is user-serviceability, with very easily available parts should anything stop working and great flexibility and options. For example, you can run up to 4 probes, including one pit probe (ideally a thermocouple). The combination of servo-controlled damper and variable speed fan is perfect for efficient Kamado grills (I have a Classic Joe I). It's also incredibly customisable, with the ability to run scripts and all sorts of fine tuning, e.g. adjusting your grill temp when the food hits a certain point. I've attached a temperature control graph from my second cook showing the tight temperature control (orange) against the set temp (red) and servo open % (blue shading). I initially set the grill for 300F, then set it to 250F after I re-read the recipe :). The light brown spikes are are lid open...and yes, it has auto lid open detect mode which you can tweak and adjust. I run mine from a 12V car battery, which should be good for many days worth of cooking. This thing is far more stable than my kitchen oven! Needless to say, you can monitor everything from an app or any web browser, including from the internet, with a bit of set up. TLDR; it's brilliant & HIGHLY recommended, if you are even a bit tech savvy, enjoy a bit of DIY and are looking for the most flexible, feature complete BBQ heat controller you can buy & have fun making youself. It's not plug and play, but isn't hard. Official forum: https://tvwbb.com/forums/heatermeter-diy-bbq-controller.85/ Wiki Page: https://github.com/CapnBry/HeaterMeter/wiki I won't post a link to the heatermeter webstore, but am sure you can find it if interested.
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