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  1. 22. If you purchase a temperature controller TRUST IT! Tinkering makes the cook more complicated.
  2. Eric, you are absolutely correct. That is my plan for my next brisket.
  3. I decided to wrap my brisket when the average of flat temperature averaged 176F at 11:30p After wrapping the brisket in butcher paper, I decided to increase to my pit temperature to 275F to finish. Why? Simply because I wasn’t sure how much time is still required to bring the brisket up to 205F and I wasn't prepared to do an all nighter. What I did know was the fact I still needed to rest the brisket for at least 2 hours wrapped in a towel and placed in a cooler before I could go to bed. I did sneak a piece of brisket at 3:00am with my son. He’s not much
  4. This is my first brisket and willing to experiment. Obviously there’s advantages and disadvantages to the various methods - wrap with foil, wrap with peach butcher paper or no wrap. I’m open to smoking to 195F before removing to wrap in foil/butcher paper before wrapping in a towel to place in a cooler to rest. My brisket is in its second stall. Internal temperature is 177F up 2F in about 45 minutes. Still a long way to go.
  5. byee

    Top vent loose

    I’m tagging along for their expertise. I’m still patiently waiting for the replacement gasket material for my Kamado Joe kontrol tower.
  6. What are the signs I should be looking for to indicate the brisket has stalled? How long into the stall process should I remove the brisket to wrap in peach butcher paper? Thank you!
  7. @wildwr OK, I've got my brisket in the smoker since 1:00p PST at 225F. I have my Fireboard 2 Drive with the fan setup KJC3. I've made minor adjustments to the vents during my journey to keep the fan from coming on or as little as possible for the low and slow at 225F. At 2:30p PST time - The flat is at 69F while the point is at 118F. Do I need to be concerned about the point being 50F higher than the flat? I did put foil underneath the point to help slow down the temperature. Not sure its its needed........perhaps I'm over thinking the process.
  8. Marinate last night with the basic salt, pepper, garlic and onion powder.
  9. Thank you for the confirmation. My brisket is sitting on the kitchen counter ready to be trimmed and seasoned for my Friday cook.
  10. Since we’re visiting Mars...... Mars decided to visit Earth.
  11. @jtemple, Thank you for the confirmation. Here is the plan to smoke my first brisket cook - brisket is 17lbs undressed - seasoning with just kosher salt and coarse pepper - give myself 28 hours for the cook - smoke at 225F on my Kamado Joe Classic 3 - start at 1:00p on Friday serve on Saturday at 6:00pm (27 hours) smoke brisket at 225F - flat towards the back of my Kamado Joe since it hotter at the back monitor for stall temperature ~ 155 to 165F (brisket internal temperature flat lines) remove from smoker and wrap t
  12. What brand of lump charcoal were you using? I primarily use Jealous Devil lump and found it burns better than others such as the Kamado Joe brand.
  13. I'm not able to view your cook using the above link. Was it deleted? Just confirming it took you 27 hours to cook your brisket. I'm planning on cooking my first brisket next weekend. Like yourself, I will be managing my cook using the Fireboard. What size Kamado Joe do you have? Did you need to add more lump charcoal in part way thru the cook? I have the KJ Classic 3 but never did an overnight cook or any cook beyond 7 hours. Thank you and stay safe!!
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