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  1. What about calling the credit card company and explain your situation? Send them photos of the damage. They should be able to reverse the charges.
  2. Keystone BBQ Supply is ultimately responsible. They can deal with their shipping company / carrier fir damages. You should never be part of the process. Keystone needs to ship you another one immediately. Shipping damage shouldn’t be deferred to Kamado as a warranty claim. Try calling your credit card company to see if they can reverse the charges.
  3. I bought my drip pans from the local dollar store for a couple dollars each.
  4. I have both a 15” standard and deep dish 1” pizza pan for my Kamado Joe classic. They both work great catching the drippings. I typically use the 1” pan when smoking briskets.
  5. The brisket looks great! I consider dry as a cook you need to toss into a slow cooker to turn in pot roast.
  6. I like to coffee cup holder. Same to assume the heat from the BGE keeps the coffee warm? Thought this thread was more about rain caps. ;)
  7. Water bath is the quickest way. Good luck !
  8. Fireboard.com is runing a Father's Day special.... 2 free competition (standard) or 1 free thermocouple probe.
  9. I’ve contact support through their website for a warrant claim. Customer service has always been responsive by responding the following day
  10. That looks delicious! Are we invited for dinner??
  11. I typically remove the grates from my KJC3 to soak in the sink to loosen up the crud. I will then take a wire brush to scrub clean.....then rinse with clean water. I have yet to find any wires from the brush in the sink strainer.
  12. https://www.kamadojoe.com/products/classic-i
  13. Wow!! You’ve got it flat lined. Looking at the FB2 graph, you didn’t wrap your brisket.
  14. In the FireBoard app, click on settings—> select your FireBoard -> Drive settings -> max fan speed % Adjust to your desired speed. Mine is set to 50%. I will set my KJC3 just below desired temperature and I’ll let the FB2 come on occasionally to stoke the charcoal. When is the best time to buy the FB2....now. It’s a great tool for tracking your temperatures. I use it every time I have food in my KJC3.
  15. I usually season my beef brisket a couple days ahead of team and leave it in the fridge unwrapped before smoking. This will help dry the moisture from the outer part of the brisket. I've heard about people using a water pan to keep the brisket moist but I've never used a one but I do use a drip trap to catch the drippings. I smoke the brisket until the crust has been set.....that's when you your seasoning is 'dried' onto the outer part of your brisket. At that point, I will wrap the brisket in peach paper and place back onto the smoker. I will then set my temperature probe to 190F to alert me...just as a reminder to probe the brisket for tenderness. Good luck and have fun!
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