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  1. I have both a 15” standard and deep dish 1” pizza pan for my Kamado Joe classic. They both work great catching the drippings. I typically use the 1” pan when smoking briskets.
  2. The brisket looks great! I consider dry as a cook you need to toss into a slow cooker to turn in pot roast.
  3. I like to coffee cup holder. Same to assume the heat from the BGE keeps the coffee warm? Thought this thread was more about rain caps. ;)
  4. Water bath is the quickest way. Good luck !
  5. Fireboard.com is runing a Father's Day special.... 2 free competition (standard) or 1 free thermocouple probe.
  6. I’ve contact support through their website for a warrant claim. Customer service has always been responsive by responding the following day
  7. That looks delicious! Are we invited for dinner??
  8. I typically remove the grates from my KJC3 to soak in the sink to loosen up the crud. I will then take a wire brush to scrub clean.....then rinse with clean water. I have yet to find any wires from the brush in the sink strainer.
  9. https://www.kamadojoe.com/products/classic-i
  10. Wow!! You’ve got it flat lined. Looking at the FB2 graph, you didn’t wrap your brisket.
  11. In the FireBoard app, click on settings—> select your FireBoard -> Drive settings -> max fan speed % Adjust to your desired speed. Mine is set to 50%. I will set my KJC3 just below desired temperature and I’ll let the FB2 come on occasionally to stoke the charcoal. When is the best time to buy the FB2....now. It’s a great tool for tracking your temperatures. I use it every time I have food in my KJC3.
  12. I usually season my beef brisket a couple days ahead of team and leave it in the fridge unwrapped before smoking. This will help dry the moisture from the outer part of the brisket. I've heard about people using a water pan to keep the brisket moist but I've never used a one but I do use a drip trap to catch the drippings. I smoke the brisket until the crust has been set.....that's when you your seasoning is 'dried' onto the outer part of your brisket. At that point, I will wrap the brisket in peach paper and place back onto the smoker. I will then set my temperature probe to 190F to alert me...just as a reminder to probe the brisket for tenderness. Good luck and have fun!
  13. Is there a Teflon coating on the slo-roller? I typically use a drip tray of some sort to minimize my cleanup efforts.
  14. Here’s a review of the KJ iKamand 2. I considered the iKamand but decided on the FireBoard 2 Drive because of the reported issues. Unlike the iKamand, the FireBoard 2 will fit most smokers. I hope you find the information helpful. Good luck.
  15. That is a great point....once set it doesn’t change. I have a FireBoard 2 drive which I mainly use to monitor the pit temperatures. Occasionally I do use the fan to maintain the temperature just in case.
  16. There's a long discussion regarding the pros and cons of grate or dome temperature. I've always based my cooks on dome temperature.
  17. Parts are readily available. The lower air vent parts are available from amazon.com https://www.amazon.com/Replacement-Stainless-Accessories-Punched-Adjusted/dp/B083MVJYKN/ref=mp_s_a_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=big+green+egg+vent+screen&qid=1620654615&sprefix=big+green+egg+vent&sr=8-5 Smokeware sells a stainless steel chimney cap.....www.Smokeware.com Good luck!
  18. Congratulations on the FireBoard 2 Pro! With my FireBoard 2, I mounted my pit temperature probe to the dome temperature dial gauge then ran the wire out under the top cap towards the back. Now the probe wire doesn’t get in the way when I open and close the done.
  19. Today’s brisket was definitely much better than my first one. Definitely more juicy and not as dry. I’m motivated to make another brisket. Will follow the above changes. Fingers crossed it will turn out great again.
  20. I found this YouTube video by Mad Scientist BBQ Fast forward to the 4:27 mark regarding resting your proteins. Is there such a thing as over resting?
  21. Got you!! The grade and cut of meat will affect the cook time. My 15lb AAA brisket came from Costco. I started to smoke it at 225F last night at 11:00pm and finished today at 12:30p. The internal temperature was about 197F when I took it off the smoker. I did leave on my counter slightly unwrapped for about 10 minutes before I rested the brisket in the cooler wrapped in a towel for just over 2 hours. Things I did differently on this cook versus my first - didn’t tinker with my FireBoard 2 after the smoker stabilized at 225F. Just let the controller do it’s job. - wrapped when the bark was set vs after the stall cycle. FireBoard 2 data did not indicate this brisket stalled. - wrapped in peach butcher paper and foil vs just butcher paper. I had to this time because I didn’t have enough butcher paper to properly fully wrap - removed at 197F after probing for tenderness vs 210F with no probing for tenderness - this brisket seems to be more juicy than my first....glistening. The cook times for both cooks were about the same. On the forums, cook times are 18+ hours up to 27 hours. Mind you, my pit temperature is based on the dome temperature and not the grate temperature. My FireBoard pit temperature sensor is mounted to the Kamado Joe dial temperature dial gauge. I will provide a quick update after dinner comparing the taste, etc.
  22. Thanks for the advice! For my first brisket, I wrapped it after the first stall before wrapping. Once wrapped, I waited until the internal temp was 210F before removing from the smoker to rest. It turned out very good and tasty. Just looking for advice to up my game.
  23. I'm planning on smoking another brisket in the Kamado Joe Classic 3 this weekend. For my first one, I wrapped it with peach butcher paper towards the end of the stall and removed it from the smoker when the internal temperature reached 210F. When is the best time to wrap the brisket in butcher paper? I've heard during the stall process as well as when the bark has been set - basically when I can scratch the surface and the seasoning does not smear. For this weekends brisket, I'm planning on removing it from the smoker when the internal temperature reachs 195F. Any advice would be greatful!
  24. Will something like this help?? Adapters are available from Fireboard - fireBoard.com Good luck!
  25. SmallBBQr, Thank you for your valued opinion. I bought 2 x 35lbs bags of Jealous Devil lump charcoal over the weekend in preparation the upcoming smoking season. Once again, thank you and stay stay safe!
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