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  1. I just had a fantastic beer can chicken cooked on the Kamado joe junior, using the ceramic stand. I read that it was impossible to use it on the jr, but without the grid, I fit (directly on the drip pan)
  2. You bet I will ! But how ? Grilling the snails as you could with seashells maybe ... I have to experiment
  3. Nice JeffieBoy, the Rhône is beautiful, not very far from where I live (Near Clermont-Ferrand). I love Canada too, lived in Vancouver for about 6 months when I was 20, then travelled across the country by bus. Beautiful. I wish I could go back.
  4. Thanks len440, I downloaded the pdf, I'll start reading it soon. Yes, I play the theremin (and am passionated about it and other early electronic instrument) for 16 years now. I play here and there and recorded many records such as this one solo of hawaiian tracks : https://jimmyvirani.bandcamp.com/album/jimmy-virani-is-beachcombing-in-outer-space My other occupation is working in a snail farm (another weird fact !!).
  5. Thanks ! I guess I just needed to be reassured !
  6. Hello, Thanks for welcoming me in the Kamado family ! I'm a happy owner of a Kamado Joe Junior. I'm new to it, and learns a lot from all of you, thanks for your discussions, this is fantastic. Cheers !
  7. Hey everybody, I recently purchased a Kamado Joe Junior, I love it and has already cooked a few delicious meats and veggies. I tried for the first time baking a pizza yesterday. I waited for the temp to go up to 600°, and then put the pizza in. The temp then went down to 500 or so, and didn't went up from there, even if bottom and up ventilations were fully open. Is that normal ? After 7/8 min, the pizza was done and still good, but I was wondering if I'm doing something wrong ?
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