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  1. Once you move your manufacturing to China you are almost guaranteed that the design will be stolen and reproduced under another brand. The chinese have been doing this for decades. Everything on Alibaba is designs stolen from another manufacturer and reproduced.
  2. It just doesn't take that much effort to clean the grates on the grill. I did answer the questionnaire, but don't see this as something that I would be interested in. The time that it would take to reassemble all these pieces into a cooking grate might as well be spent cleaning the grill that I already own.
  3. If the Akorn is the better grill for you and the main issue is the grill sitting too high it should be pretty easy to adapt to the proper height needed. I would but the regular model that they have at Lowes with the side shelves and get someone to cut the legs shorter. This may limit the ability to keep the bottom shelf, but you would still have the side shelves. It sounds like you need to cut them about 6-8 inches shorter than stock height, there is plenty of room for that in the design. Once the legs have been cut they could be drilled to allow for the wheels to be attached as normal so the grill would be easy to move around.
  4. I will quietly go scrape all the crud off of my heat deflector for my Akorn, lol. I have been guilty of just turning it over each time I cook. But it also seems like the Akorn stone is a bit thicker than the KJ version
  5. My Akorn Jr is less than six months old and has been like that for awhile now. I expect that to happen with the KJ pretty quickly too. The only real concern for me personally would be items that make the grill unusable, like broken ceramics. I think that KJ has the best firebox design of all kamados on the market right now, so it will mainly be the heat deflectors that will be of concern if anything. Overall I am confident in the decision to go with the Big Joe, I am just a bit of a control freak about things like this according to my wife, lol.
  6. The only two that I would really consider would be the KJ or the BGE. I have a little Akorn Jr that I love cooking on, but am very limited on the size. I was going to buy a Classic, but even it seemed a little on the small side compared to what I have always been used to with my offset, so I am now at the point of the Big Joe VS the BGE XL for the larger cooking area. I would love to tell you that the Komodo Kamado Big Bad was in consideration, but alas I am just a peasant. I like everything about the Big Joe and feel like it truly is the best value, so I am pretty much sold on that. The only complaint is that even before buying it I seem to be hearing that it is not a matter of "if" I will ever need a warranty, but "when". This does not seem to be a KJ specific issue because I see tons of BGE warranty claims discussed as well. But with the BGE it seems like everyone calls their local dealer and gets taken care of, my local "dealer" for the KJ is Lowes, kinda. I can't get the Big Jow through Lowes in my area anyway, so I am going through Kamado Joe directly and having it shipped. It would be unfair to say that I am not comfortable with them, I may have worded that too strongly. I guess the point is that the difference between the two makes the KJ seem more like a "big box" purchase rather than the more personalized experience with the local dealer for the BGE. This could all just be my luck here in the Houston area too, I went to the local place that has Primo grills in stock and a few on display and the kid that works there couldn't answer any questions at all about it.
  7. Yep, if BGE would have kept up with what the competition was doing better I would buy BGE for sure. I feel like the KJ is a better deal for the consumer based on all of the options and upgrade that come with the unit, but I am leary of the warranty issues I keep hearing about. I am about to order a new Big Joe, and this part of it is making me nervous.
  8. I get that they are willing to warranty, but the investment in spare parts to use while you wait is an issue for many people, myself included. For the price point of these products there should be minimal wait time for warranty replacements and most of the items should be available from the local dealer for replacement.
  9. Awesome! Good to see you were able t oget it moved safely! Weather will not hurt it, lots of people don't ever cover them at all. I would try to make sure that the water is kept out of the inside because it will ruin the remaining unburned lump. The steak looks pretty good, but I would have cooked it at a higher temp to get more sear on the outside without over cooking the inside of the steak. Personally I try to get my grill as hot as possible for a sear, but you will find a process that works for your preferences once you have worked with it a little.
  10. I remember the question coming up when the product was announced. This really did not take very long at all, and is not a good image for Kamado Joe. Hopefully they will stop selling them until they get the coating issue figured out, and maybe use an improved coating on all of the parts known for having issues.
  11. People do things that make no sense to others all the time. Right now there are at least three brand new Big Green Eggs for sale on Facebook Marketplace in the greater Houston area. I have seen some that were received as gifts be resold, and others with no explanation. Maybe he bought it without his wife's permission and needs it gone quick, lol.
  12. I see the carts and side shelves for sale regularly on Facebook Marketplace. Usually pretty reasonably priced because so many people upgrade to nice tables.
  13. Not really likely that I would have invoices with his home address and be meeting him at that same address and end up robbed. I am usually pretty careful about these things and have never had any issues
  14. Well, while I was thinking of my options on the deal someone else was busy buying it. I was supposed to go meet the seller when he got back into town this afternoon, but he posted it as sold at 11am this morning.
  15. I have copies of the original receipt and confirmation emails to prove that it wasn't stolen goods.
  16. I have been looking at buying a Classic I from Lowes, or possibly ordering the Big Joe I directly for a while now. I am not 100% sure that I need the Big Joe to cook mostly for the wife and myself, most of the time the Akorn Jr is enough and I use the built in gas grill for overflow and sides. So having been looking around I get someone sends me a deal that sounds like it would be a bargain. Guy bought a brand new Classic II with a cover and the iKamand system from BBQ Guys and decided that he really has no use for it. He has the receipts for it and it has not been registered yet, has not even had a lump of coal in it yet, still in the box just like it was delivered in. I told him I could get the Classic I for $750 at Lowes and I am not interested in the additional upgrades anyway (I really am not). He says he is willing to let the whole package go for the same $750 as I would spend at Lowes. I see where this is a good deal value wise, but I am still on the fence. Can I still register this grill as the first owner? Can we just tell them it was a gift to me? I am not at all interested in defrauding anyone, but this is not a 10 year old grill that I am trying to sneak under the radar. Being a brand new unregistered grill I feel like I "should" be able to register it. If not, should I just be happy I am getting a new grill and buy the Classic I?
  17. I second the Akorn Jr. I have made all kinds of great food on this little grill over the few months that I have owned it.
  18. So the wifi will not be a firmware upgrade for the existing units? I have one on order that is supposed to be here tomorrow, do I need to cancel the order?
  19. That is a really neat idea! We may need to plan something like this soon
  20. I agree. Although I am not overly thrilled with Char Griller's warranty service I wouldn't trust an unknown brand to be any better.
  21. Now I need to try this out! Would the recipe from here be a decent place to start, or do you suggest something different? I like the option of this one because it has a calculator for the amount of meat being prepared. For just my wife and I there is no need to make a full loin, I would likely do a 6" section. https://amazingribs.com/tested-recipes/pork-recipes/smoked-canadian-bacon-recipe
  22. You may not be closing it down enough on the top vent. On my little Akorn Jr to hold at 225f I have literally a small crack open on the upper vent. I lit mine yesterday morning at 7am and cooked some beef short ribs at 225 for most of the day, then when I finished I decided that I just want to see how long it will go on one load of wood without refilling, it is now 10am in my time zone and it is still holding perfectly at 225. 27 hours and counting!
  23. How do you keep it from causing the seal to fail? I have tried sealing a second time with moderate success, but still learning the ins and out of this process.
  24. I am new to the vacuum seal world having just bought my first sealer. I have some pulled pork in the freezer that I did not long ago, but didn't add any juice to it. I vacuum sealed it from the refrigerator cold so it should have the juices mixed in. How do you do the apple juice? I may need to try this. I sealed up a bunch of fresh meat from the grocery store the other day and it didn't seem to like there being any liquid, it sucks it to the end of the bag and causes it to not seal, even on wet setting.
  25. The one real advantage I can think of would be for people who ruin probes with too much heat. I actually came close to this last week. I had cooked dinner and opened both vents all the way to let the grill heat up and clean itself out while I carried dinner in to rest. As soon as I got in the door I was distracted by my wife needing something, then went from that to dinner being ready and waiting, completely forgetting to go close vents back down. Had mt temp probes been in the grill they probably would have been toast, by the time I walked out after eating the needle on the dome gauge was buried!
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