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  1. I bought a used pro vision s from someone local a year ago. Did a few cooks on it, had an akorn previously and the owner before me mentioned not controlling the Temps well. I did ok controlling the Temps but the fire wouldn't snuff out when all closed up.. So, I hadn't used it often. Went to finally work on sealing things up and cleaning it out and it looks like the fire bowl has broke quite a bit. Anyone have experience getting these things replaced? I expect to pay because I'm not the original owner, but any tips to help when contacting vision? I'm in Missouri, which I think is
  2. I came here for exactly this. Bought one used, knew it had airflow issues, looking for places to check. I had an akorn,so I'm use to small issues with regulating Temps- but my fire doesn't go out when closed up.
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