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  1. I have the same model Akorn, just in grey. I always remove the TTT after I finish cooking. Store it in a sturdy box in the garage.
  2. I agree with Ginger Ale. Oak seems to work great with brisket. I use apple mostly for poultry or maybe with pork but then I always add some pecan. I have used hickory with brisket and it turned out really good, but you can overdo it with hickory so tread lightly!
  3. Definitely spatchcock chicken. Super easy and seasoned the way you like, it's sure to impress your wife!
  4. I'm sorry the Akorn didn't work for you. As I said, I have only had mine a few months so no rust issues. As far as heat retention, after doing some simple mods to fix air leaks, I can pretty much park it at whatever temp I want and it stays. Also I have done a few 12+ hour cooks and am still amazed at how little charcoal it uses. Good luck with your KJ!! A lot of folks on here swear by them.
  5. I agree with @JeffieBoy! The Akorn is a great kamado especially if you are on a budget. I have only had mine for a few months, but have done everything from butts and briskets to searing steaks and baking pizza and have been very pleased with the results! Plus, you can buy 2 for the $800 you mentioned and have some leftover for accessories!!
  6. Welcome @UGAdawgs! I 100% agree on buying good lump charcoal. Sometimes the Akorn has a few air leaks from the factory. If you have problems controlling temps, check out the Akorn Mods and Fixes thread in the Char-Griller Akorn section. Lot of great suggestions for sealing things up and helping with temp control. The Akorn is a great kamado but can be a little finicky. Have Fun!
  7. Looks great! I will definitely have to give that one a try myself!
  8. My go to is equal parts Kosher salt and coarse ground black pepper, half amounts of onion and garlic powder and quarter dry mustard. Wrap in plastic wrap and refrigerate overnight. Been doing it the same way for over 20 years. Everyone seems to like it, I never have any to throw away!
  9. Lot of legends on that list. I had not heard about Chick Corea. Definitely one of a kind who changed music forever. RIP Jazz Man.
  10. Hello SPD500. I don't know about adding apple juice to pork although it sounds like a good idea, but when vacuum sealing fresh meat from the grocery I pat it dry, put in the freezer for about an hour to firm up then vacuum seal it. That way you don't have all the liquid to deal with. Just my 2 cents!
  11. Thanks JeffieBoy, that does help! Great lookin Butts by the way. I like to cook and I'm beginning to love the Akorn so cooking extra won't be a problem!
  12. I finally purchased my new Akorn about 3 weeks ago. A huge thanks to all the Gurus for the great topics and posts on this site! I am the kind of person who likes to research to death anything I buy, and have learned so much here. Being a long time offset user, I'm sure you guys cut the kamado learning curve in half for me. My first cook was a spatchcock chicken which turned out great! A few days later I did a 11 hour cook on a Boston butt using the TTT that turned out as good as any I have cooked. Gonna try some reverse seared filets next( another first for me). I am thinking about buying the warming rack from CG to add more room for my next low n slow. Does anyone know the dimensions for this? I asked CG and they just said they don't have that information. Anyone here have experience with this rack or can recommend one? Sorry for the long winded post. Thanks again for the help!
  13. Thanks for the tip len440! Learned the same thing the hard way on offsets years ago. Gotta keep those fireboxes ash free.
  14. That sounds reasonable. I am definitely going with the akorn to start just because of the price point. I am just getting started with kamado cooking and don't want to drop a ton of $ until I find out if it's for me.
  15. What is your opinion on the longevity of the akorn? I haven't pulled the trigger on buying one yet but am trying to learn all I can about them and kamado cooking.
  16. Hello, I am new to this forum and have learned a lot in the 10,000 or so pages I have read through so far. I do have a couple of questions that I haven't seen here. Most of my smoking experience has been on stick burners or offsets and you always use a water pan to add moisture. Do I need this for the akorn or will a drip pan work better? Also, I have seen some posts about the akorn having a lifespan of 3-5 years. Is that what I should expect? I do take care of my smokers and am on my 16th year with my current offset(with a couple of firebox replacements). Thanks for any help you can give!
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