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  1. Hey all, Was hoping to get some thoughts as to what might have occurred during my failed brisket cook. Here are the facts: 1. 16 lb packer Brisket from Costco, trimmed to about 13 pounds (estimate) 2. Brought up KJ (Classic II) to Dome temp of about 240 (was shooting for 250) and let temp stabilize 3. Put the brisket on (over a rib rack, to make fit) at about 11pm last night (was late and forgot to put drip pan, so my deflectors suffered) 4.Used a thermopro wireless to monitor temp of brisket and grate. Grate temp always starts about 50-60 degrees higher than dome until it later settles in around 10-15 higher during long cooks 5. Waited about 1.5 hours, and temp had gotten up to about 250, where I wanted it, and stayed there. 6. Went to bed, woke up at about 2am or 3am, checked on grill, dome temp was still at 250, brisket was already at around 165-170 7. Woke up at 6, dome temp still at 250 (grate temp per thermopro at 275), brisket though was already at 200, which shocked me. Probed it and was pretty tender all around-> would have taken off but seemed way too soon (my last brisket, which was a bit underdone, was a 11 pounder that was on for 13-14 hours). 8. Left the brisket on for another hour, till probed tender all around (temp around 212), but meat was firm (not jiggly), and bark felt too hard. Removed, let rest for 3 hours. 9. Flat was crumbly, whole thing was dry, the bark was too crispy and hard to cut-> seems to me to be an overcook. So, my question is what on earth happened? A brisket that big should not overcook in 7 hours. I thought maybe a temp spike during the night, but I got no indication one occurred (and has never happened to me during a long smoke in my 2 years of using the grill, since i've learned to modulate). I had set my thermopro to alarm to ring if grill temp got above 315, but did not alarm). I thought maybe my dome thermometer was off, but i tested it in boiling water and it was spot on. I am perplexed, maybe I missed something? Thoughts are welcome. Thx! DT
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