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  1. thanks to all who replied. plenty of good info in the book of knowledge to get me going. my heat deflector is meant to attach to the bottom of the food grill. that won't work for a lot of cooking but now that i have a pretty good idea of how it is all supposed to work i can improvise something to keep the deflector a few inches above the coals, not attached to the food grate. thanks again. bob
  2. like i said the printed material doesn't have much info. the web ad lists it as series 15'' blue kamado. lifesmart deen brothers. hope that helps. bob
  3. hi all, i was given a kamado grill as a gift. it is the smallest one. instructions are pretty light. it comes with a flat ceramic ''disc'' that is not listed in parts list. does this get laid on the charcoal when ready to bake so food is not burned? bob
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