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  1. Thank you to everyone for your collective assistance. Having a bit of a win today, had the grill sitting happily at 240f for the last 4 hours. Cheers.
  2. Cheers for your help. the brisket turned out alright. A bit dry, but still eatable. Is it possible that the seal or control tower is leaking? Which is cause the temperature creep? so plan of attack for next time: - start with a bigger cut of brisket. I hate food wastage, so I down sized as it was dinner for two, but maybe brisket is one of those that you can’t do that to. - my new charcoal basket arrived frustratingly early and mid-cook (freshly ordered through Amazon from the US, arrived a week earlier than expect which was great but so frustrating). I’m thinking that will allow me to control quantity of charcoal, air access around the charcoal etc a little better. - take my time a little more coming up in temp. It took about 45mins today (with plenty of smoke signals for my neighbours). And I thought it had stabilised. I’ll try being a little more aggressive when I close it down next time. shouldn’t beat myself up too much, the brisket had a nice flavour, it was just dry and it is reported as one of the hardest cooks on a Kamado. Just means I’ll have to try again.
  3. I am very new to Kamado joe cooking. I have now tried 2 low and slows, each time the temperature will not stay anywhere near 110C/225F. Even when I am set up for a quicker roast (charcoal chicken etc around 280c), the temperature seems to keep growing. today, I couldn’t get it to hold below 150C/300F. I only light 1 fire lighter in the centre and today I closed it down a lot early than what I have been to gently bring it up to temperature. I got to 225, but it wouldn’t hold. I started with the bottom vent at about an inch and the top about 3/4 way to the first mark, but the temperature slowly grew on the dome and on my grill thermometer. I actually resorted to closing the top completely off and the bottom to about 1cm/0.5inch. However, by that time, the dome was hot and it wouldn’t cool down quickly. As a result, my brisket was done way ahead of schedule (4.5hrs) and is likely going to be dry. I’m not sure what I am doing wrong. It was a pretty warm day here in Sydney (33C/91F) which may not be helping, but doesn’t explain why the temperature kept growing. I used a full load of charcoal (50pct new/50pct left over) as I was expecting to go a lot longer than what I did. Maybe too much charcoal in the basket? Or maybe the wrong type? It was the stuff that came with the grill when I brought it, so it might burn really hot. has anyone got any ideas? I have watch pretty much every video I can fine, and they all say about an inch on the bottom and first line on the top for holding around 225, for some reason, it’s not happening on mine. So the brisket is currently resting. I am hoping that I can get it through to an early dinner. It is just very frustrating.
  4. Cheers for your help. I’m going to have a look on Amazon and see what I can get, I think mine was just too brittle for the high heat. The Steel looks interesting. I suppose most pizza shops use aluminium/steel trays, so it makes sense.
  5. I have only had my kamado for 5 days (cooked in it 3 times already), so I am still learning. Last night I attempted pizzas, which were hugely successful and very popular with the girlfriend. However, the high heat (500-550) cracked my thin pizza stone. I am sure there is a thread on this somewhere, is there a minimum thickness/quality for a pizza stone? I know a few guys will recommend the Kamado Joe stone, however, they are difficult to find in Sydney. The stone that I cracked was just our old thin oven stone, it was likely very brittle and couldn’t handle the heat. Any recommendations/assistance would be appreciated, the girlfriend is keen to do the pizzas again.
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