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  1. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    I did my first real cook on the XL on the weekend, and I'm amazed at how much food it holds.
  2. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    So after a winter shutdown, and a busy spring, my XL Egg is finally done. I posted an ad on a local facebook group and a guy offered to make me a cooking grate complete with handles and a support ring. It is super strong and fits perfectly. I made a simple cross brace for my cordierite diffuser that sits just under the cooking grate. So, all said and done, for about $350 Canadian, I have an XL egg, which in Canada runs upwards of $3k. The first cook was a 10lb pork butt that looked comically tiny on the grill. It lit easily and held 250 like a champ. The XL will only be used for big, low-and-slow cooks, while my Vision will remain as my go-to day-to-day kamado. Considering this is what I started with: I'm pretty happy with the results.
  3. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Funny you should ask @bluayeddvl. I just got back to the project last weekend. All I need now is a 24-inch grill for it. I'm looking for something inexpensive. The green egg grill is $142, which is too much. So far I can't find anything in Canada, but I'll keep looking. I did a test burn and it held temp perfectly, and easily. Other than the cooking grid, it's ready to go.
  4. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    I may have missed the window on my restoration attempt. It will be -9C here on Friday, and I'm not sure I'll be able to get my refractory cement repairs done on the firebox/ring in those temps. My garage isn't heated so, not sure what I'll do. If worse comes to worse, I may have to wait til spring and continue to use my Vision through the winter. :( Has anyone got any experience working with refractory cement in cold temps?
  5. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Awesome. My new theme song.
  6. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    My son picked up the XL nest, which was located just north of Toronto and being sold used. He delivered it to me and all it cost me was a 100 bucks for the nest and lunch for him at Wendy's...pretty good deal I'd say. I don't have the XL in the stand yet, but she'll be in there soon.
  7. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Smokeware cap arrived today. She's lookin' pretty. Technically, I could cook with it right now, but I'll wait til she's all done. Dang this is fun.
  8. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Strange. This was their reply to my query about shipping to Canada (some personal info removed): McMaster-Carr <cle.sales@mcmaster.com> Oct 30 Hi Brian, Due to the cost and complexity of shipping our products to Canada, we are only able to accept orders from businesses and schools. If this is not for personal use, please let us know your business or school name and we can provide a quotation. Dana Norway 330-995-5893
  9. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Thanks John. I may treat myself to that some day. Or better yet, Christmas is coming..."Um honey, you know the Egg I've been preparing delicious meals for you on? Well ..."
  10. K-ville

    Do you like the InstaPot?

    And it was invented just down the street from where I work in Ottawa Ontario. http://ottawacitizen.com/life/food/the-instant-pot-invented-in-ottawa-is-the-hottest-multi-cooker-in-kitchens
  11. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Not sure, but I think I'll just get cooking with a diffuser and grill for now and check into that DNC later.
  12. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Actually, I now have the firebox and ring on their way to me from an Egg guy in Florida. All I had to pay was shipping to my US address. The Smokeware cap will be here Friday. And my Son is driving to Barrie to pick up a brand new XL nest for me that was listed for quite cheap. This came together very quickly thanks to the power of social media, fellow gurus and eggheads. So for about $300, I should be cooking in no time. Not bad for an Egg that sells for over 3 grand in Canada. Can't wait.
  13. I too live in Ottawa and have never had an issue with cold temp cooking. I just start my fire as always with one or more starter cubes, and I'm good to go. Nothing like a brisket cooked at -27C. As for frozen gaskets, I place parchment paper on my gasket, and it does the trick for me.
  14. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    She's coming along. I made a new handle out of red cedar that I had left over from my deck. I made it a bit beefier than original so it fit my hand better. And most of the black soot is off except for a few stubborn spots that require a bit more elbow grease.
  15. K-ville

    My XL Egg restoration

    Thanks John. I've got a few places here I can try first. I just haven't had a chance to get to them yet. But if I hit a dead end, I may take you up on the offer. Thanks very much.