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  1. I'm a proud new owner of a KJ and absolutely love it. You guys here an an invaluable resource, thanks for all you do! In researching add-ons or accessories, I've read (and watched) so much that I feel like I've confused myself. Is there one surface that you could purchase that would do everything? Pizza, smash burgers, sear steaks, fish/shellfish? I'm not opposed to buying all the various add-ons, but some seem redundant. I was about to pull the trigger on a 14in round soapstone, to use for pizza and everything else. Is there anything wrong with that approach? Originally I was dead set on baking steel, but I don't think you can cook fish/shellfish on there....or can you? Also, for those who use the CI grates...do you ever use the stainless grates that came with your KJ? Or just retire them and use the CI all of the time? Thanks!!!
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