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  1. Thank you, so you keep your firebox so clean just by cooking on it. I do alot of smokes, butts, brisket and use a bunch of sugary rubs so I am just worried about the burn off making my grill gross. I have been using an akorn for years but after several cooks I noticed the dripping to become like a sand paper if you will going from hot to cold so often causing the grill walls to rust. I know this won't happen with a ceramic however I want to take care of it like yours as much as possible.
  2. Hi guys, just got my lifelong investment Big joe 2. Since lots of the components in the grill are ceramic I was wondering if there could be a benefit to wrapping everything is Heavy gauge Aluminum foil. I have wrapped my deflector on my Akorn for years for easier cleanup etc. Or could it be a problem that would damage components or not have a benefit at all.
  3. Hi my name is Alex and I am from GA. Just received my big joe 2 a couple days ago and just started putting it together. I have been cooking a a Akron for many years so I am not quite new to kamado cooking just the KJ family. Looking forward to the tribal knowledge of this page.
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