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  1. Which one do you prefer on a classic 3 ? Do you see any advantages one to the other ?
  2. I got some of Penzey’s blends for bbq/grills. I got their smallest bottles on each to try out. Anyone has any other brand&blend suggestions ? Even though you can make any blends yourself, I find blends more convenient.
  3. I am glad that I opened up this thread. This is why it is best to buy products online only from reputable authorized dealers. I had received delivery of my order with bbqguys already. Just wanted to see if these guys were real. I contacted kamadojoe.com and informed the customer service department about the fraud website mentioned. I guess they will take it from here. Rico and Robkabob, I hope you get your money back quickly.
  4. not bad for the first time except the kabop sticks being a little too long. I had turn the whole thing over and over again manually. Someone in the forum suggested to trim down the sticks. i wish I listened to him. By the way, the soapstone works wonders.
  5. I had ordered mine on bbqguys and it delivered yesterday. Shortly after I came across this website. Feel much better now. Thank you John and jtemple.
  6. This website has %50 off on lots of grills including Kamada Joes until Jan 24. I have never seen heavy discounts like this anywhere, especially for the latest models. Too good to be true in my opinion. Anyone heard about these guys ? https://sunlandes.com/product-tag/on-sale-50/
  7. Had some fun today and finally ready to go.
  8. Just arrived. Will share more photos once opened and moved.
  9. the link to the article is here : https://www.ehow.com/list_7386126_dangers-soapstone-cookware_.html
  10. I wanted to do a little research about the popular soapstone grate that we all love for Kamado Joe. Just found this out below. Asbestos Some soapstone, primarily that from California, does contain naturally occurring asbestos, which are long, thin, separable fibers that run through the stone. If NOA breaks down and the microscopic fibers become airborne, they can cause health issues. You would have to breathe in a significant amount of these fibers over an extended period of time to experience any adverse effects. Because much of the soapstone for cookware comes from Brazil, it
  11. Will definitely do that. Just got a call from the freight company this morning. Seems like it will deliver much earlier ( tomorrow ) than the estimated delivery date.
  12. I guess grills for men are like handbags/purses for women. It is never enough. I found myself looking at this Tandoor type grills right after hitting some YouTube videos. And I just ordered a KJ.
  13. Never thought of a gas grill this way as you did. And it makes sense. Great information on Traeger. I never heard of this BigBrother feature they had It is cool as long as they are helpful. I had similar issue like you had with the temps and one of the two Recteq owners ( yes, you have the owners direct line as a customer ) were very helpful to get things fixed up for me even though they didn't have all that remote control kind of feature. Wait...Maybe they all do but just don't mention it ?? haha. I agree with John Setzler, anything I threw at mine turned out great so far. I use stainl
  14. Thank you Golf Griller. Pleasure to be here.
  15. Started reading it just yesterday. Thank you for sharing. Great source. Appreciate all the work put into this.
  16. Thank you UTVol. Seems like there is always something good going on in here. Glad to be here.
  17. Thank you keeperovdeflame. I can't wait to try and see the flavor difference between the charcoal vs. wood pellet. I read somewhere on the forum about the difference of smoke levels of KJ and wood pellets smokers. I always thought smoke as smoke, never thought the density making a significant difference on food. I was more after the taste difference of charcoal vs. wood. While still loving the wood smoke on what I ve been cooking, I always felt like something is missing somewhere in there within the food when using my pellet smoker. Maybe because I grew up with charcoal when it came to bbq/gri
  18. I've been having fun with my wood pellet smoker ( Recteq RT-700 ) for 3 years now. I finally ordered a Kamado Joe Classic 3 this past Saturday. They'll make a great couple I think I found this forum by luck and man! can't stop reading. Great contributions from many different people. Kudos to y'all. I am happy to find a source like this. Can't wait to get my KJ and the accessories, especially the Joetisserie. Happy grilling everyone.
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