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  1. I just got a weed burner and figured- why not - used it a few times and it works great. Is it overkill? Yes. But keep it on low and get the coals in the center nice and red hot takes less than a minute. Then leave the top open to let it build and slowly increase the ceramic temps before closing the lid and adjusting vents.
  2. I got an email from Kamado Joe for their biggest sales yet starting October 15th
  3. I know the reason for not using the lighter fluids in kamados is so the smell/taste doesn't soak into the ceramics but does a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol not do this? I would think there would still be a smell?? I'm also looking for some other ways to get a fire going quicker - currently I use a fire starter cube but seems to take over an hour to get up to temp and ready to cook burning. Makes it less enticing to use the kamado for quick weekday meals.
  4. @jark87I tried to keep this simple and let the pork taste come through and really focus on the temps and not letting the fire smother for that bad taste. Tried going with the "Hot and Fast" vs low and slow and not upset with the tenderness at all. That sounds great! If you have the Carolina recipe I'd like to try it out and I will have to try out that Dizzy Pineapple too.
  5. The previous pulled pork I tried doing had a strong bad smoke taste. The wife would comment how even heating it in the microwave left a bad smoke smell for hours. I did have the fire go out overnight and then re adjusted it too high so temps were all over the place. Was 2- 6/7lb shoulders. This time I cooked a ~7lb shoulder and think it came out really good. I salted and put in the fridge overnight then did a simple SPG with a small amount of Pork rub. Put it on early in the morning at 275 and temp crept up to around 300. Sprayed with water every hour. Pulled and FTC for 2.5 more hours. Unfortunately had to pull probably 20 mins before I wanted since I had to run out and it would have been too long. It was really tender and had the perfect subtle smoke taste. Didnt use any smoking wood. What is everyone's favorite way to season pulled pork? I was surprised how much I liked the simple SPG. Does anyone use just SPG or just Pork Rub?
  6. Appreciate the input! I do want to try a chimney starter and see how that works for me. I feel like Im often waiting a long time to get up to temp. Ill try out some of the different advice throwing the meat on sooner, using the dome temp which I often did anyway. I also need to keep playing with wrapping the last part of the cook and making sure I give it enough rest time
  7. Alright so Im ready to continue down my kamado learning curve. Ive had my KJC3 for a few months now and have gotten some good and bad cooks under my belt. I have been keeping some basic notes on different cooks to be able to look back and see where things are going right/wrong. This is where I have some more questions to get past the issues Ive found re-occuring patterns with: 1) Is there better or worse ways to light the charcoal for hot/fast vs low/slow cooks? (For all cooks I light 1 starter cube in the middle, leave the top open until about 100F short of my goal temp, then close the lid and the vents to about where I think they need to be- usually have to adjust vents as temp gets closer) 1A) This seems to take a long time to get past the bad billow white smoke - I feel like an hour from lighting starter to seeing blue smoke and ready for meat is common. 1B) Does everyone base their cook temps off dome temp or grate temp? looks like mine is often 20degree difference 2) I keep finding that when the temp settles and blue smoke starts I will throw the meat on and then the temp will climb well beyond past what I wanted. (ex- set the temp at 250 and when stable and blue smoke put the meat on, temp went up to around 300 and couldnt get it back down under 290) 3) Is meat tougher before its done or is it is over done? Was doing a low and slow and some parts seemed probe tender around 195 but the center was a little tougher IT around 180 but by the time I pulled it was at 199 and still tough. Did it need to just go longer or did I overdo it? I probably will have more I cant think of right now so Ill try to add to this thread
  8. Seems like the consensus is to go the way of a blower. more for the ease and sanity of getting a whole nights sleep and not wake up to a dying fire. which has sadly happened at 3am :(
  9. I've been looking into a temp controller -mostly for those long/overnight cooks. My question is to go something like a Smobot that sits on the top vent or go the way of a blower that fits in the bottom vent like the Fireboard2? I've seen a post where the person believed the blower burns through charcoal much faster but have also seen where some dont like adjusting the top vent for temp control. Previously I would set the bottom vent to a general range then use the top vent to "fine tune" to temp
  10. @GrillnBrew Im curious how you got that all to fit! I'm always looking for ways to capitalize cooking space in my Classic3. I've only had my KJ for a couple months now and have mostly used the D&C for reverse sears and only a couple multi food cooks but I appreciate having the ability for the extra space and different temps
  11. Im definitely interested in the paella and quesadillas. Being new to the kamado I keep forgetting how versatile it is so why make it on the stovetop when I can get that better flavor depth from the KJ!
  12. Hi all! With it being the Lenten season and being new to the kamado family I was wondering if anyone has some quick, easy and (sadly) meat free recipes that they go to. Bonus points if they're keto friendly!
  13. No I did a quick burn the first day. But maybe not long/hot enough?? I did disassemble and vacuum everything out again to pretty much start over and all my following cooks have been much better.
  14. @fbovThanks for the info I think that will help a lot! Is there anything different to do in using a chimney with the lump vs briquettes?
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