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  1. With it being that time of year again I'm starting to look for more grilling and cooking accessories. One accessory that I keep seeing pop up is a defrosting tray. In short you simply put the meat on the tray and it will thaw it out quicker than submerging it in cold water. Does anyone have one of these? If so, do you like it and was it worth the purchase or does it thaw out the meat in the same amount of time as submerging in water?
  2. @Ncgolfer the small reggulator fit the Jr but the larger reggulator didn't fit my big Joe. The reggulator was too small to fit around the big Joe chimney. I think that will be the issue with the classic. Just like you I think the reggulator looks solid and simple to use but unfortunately that was a no go :( I did get the kontrol tower and after one cook it was chipping paint and stuck shut so I couldnt swing it open to light the grill and it was relaxing smoke around the top cap. I also read where you could fit it to the Jr with the smokeware gasket but that didn't work. In short I have ordered the smokeware chimney caps (even thought I think they look ugly). They should be here soon.
  3. Hey everyone, Is anyone using the BGE Regulator on their KJ Big Joe or Jr? I was thinking about switching to that vent cap but didnt know if it would fit either of the KJ's. If you have, how do you like it compared to the daisy wheel or the KJ Kontrol tower?
  4. Thanks Len, it may be a learning curve. ive had my KJ for years and never run into that issue (after the first couple cooks when getting used to the new grill) Ill have to mess with it some. I understand it isnt air tight but it should be better than what i was seeing. never had that issue with the daisy wheel. just disappointed since i purchased these after hearing how much easier they were to control temp... Im also looking at the reggulator in hopes to resolve that issue and the constant sticking.
  5. I just purchased mine and mine is doing the exact same thing. I set the bottom vent to about 2 finger widths and set the kontrol tower to the first mark. I was aiming for 250ish but it shot up to 350 and couldn't figure out why until i close it off completely and saw the same thing you did. Its only my second cook with it but I am not very happy. I know there may be a little leakage, but this was an exceptional amount. ill give it a few more cooks but sill probably go back to the daisy wheel...:(
  6. Thanks for the feedback everyone! i didnt realize i was signed out of the page and wasnt getting alerts :( @JaxxQ what made the kontrol tower hard to clean?
  7. I am looking at replacing my Jr daisy wheel and was curious if anyone has tried to fit the new kontrol tower for the classic onto the Jr? If so, what did you have to do to make it work or is it not possible?
  8. First off, i want to apologize for my question. I have gone down a rabbit hole of purchasing accessories and im trying to make sure the purchases are worth it I am looking at adding some accessories to my grills and was wanting to get some input/opinions on which i would get more use out of. I am definitely getting some soapstone's which i know will be a huge addition, but i was also looing at the "new" sear plates. For my big joe i already have 2 half moon cast iron reversible griddles and i am trying to determine if the cast iron grates (sear plate) would really add that much benefit when compared to the reversible griddle. I was hoping some of you with more experience than I do may have some suggestions or tips on what the advantage of the sear plate would be and for what type of cooks.
  9. I currently use my pizza stone alot but have been thinking about upgrading to the DoJoe. Had anyone upgraded to it? If so is it worth it vs just using the stone?
  10. @K-Daddy55 thank you! Just got it yesterday and that was a perfect suggestion. I do believe the 12.5 would be ever so slightly too big. Can't wait to test it out
  11. @K-Daddy55Did you have to remove the handles for the 10" to close the lid?
  12. I recently purchased a Joe junior and so far enjoyed a lot! I was wondering if there is a cast iron half/full like I have for my big Joe that is flat on one side and griddle on the other? I'd love to start using this for morning breakfast
  13. Thank you all for your feedback. I have always let the coals start burning, then throw a chunk on top, but I think ill try burying the wood to to see if i notice any difference. My thought behind it would also be that it could help prevent flareups by having the wood buried, but i could be off base there. @John Setzler, I love your videos! I have been a big fan of yours for a while!
  14. I've recently seen where some people bury the wood chunks under the lump charcoal when smoking. I've read some mixed reviews on this. Has anyone buried the wood underneath the lump charcoal? If so did you notice any differences good or bad?
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