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  1. Just so ya'll know I have only cooked on the smoker 3 times...newbie here! Here is the latest (2nd) batch...
  2. I will also add that the wings I have cooked so far have been small. My first batch came out like jerky and had an internal temp off the smoker at 215...AHHHH! I am assuming they cook faster than a larger wing. I am not sure if size as anything to do with some of them burning (I would think not). Hell, I cooked a dozen small wings yesterday at 255 for 1 hr 15 min and they were already at an internal temp of 185. I am hoping to find some bigger wings for this weekend since I am seeing it should take around 2 hrs. at 250 for them to come out just right. It's just a learning process I suppose...
  3. Great points. I have been putting them directly on the grates. I recently purchased grill mesh mats in hopes of keeping them off the direct metal (will also help them with not sticking). We will see and I will let you know how it goes!
  4. So I have smoked wings twice recently. Each time, a handful of the wings burn on the bottom while others around them remain unburned. I am smoking at around 250-55 for 90 min. Why is this?? They are not in direct fire, I am using the heat deflector...
  5. What's up y'all! Just got a Kamado last week! I already smoked up some ribs and they were bangin!
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