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  1. Well it took a while but I finally got my money recovered from my bank debit card. I was sure I would never see the cash. Woo Hoo!
  2. Rhodysmoke, Don't beat yourself up too bad. The Online store looked very good and the smoken deal was tough to pass up. Big lesson learned for me and I'm now 30 days into a 90 day bank review. I'm sure I'm out the $900 bucks. If anyone who fell for this scam gets their money back share with us,........Thanks...
  3. So I passed all my documentation to the bank and they are trying to recover my funds. In addition to learning a lesson on online buying from not so good stores I found I have no protection using my debit card. Another bad choice. Good luck to the rest on getting you funds returned. I did order my new KJ classic 3 from BBQGuys and can’t wait to get it and start the Low and Slow smoking.
  4. Well as expected they missed the 3rd promise date and now I’m getting getting no response from their support line. I reported Sunlandes to the FTC for non delivery of goods. I’m trying to get this web store shut down to protect other customers. I have not received any credit from my cc company yet. Looks like it may be a drawn out dispute. Good luck to all and now I’m going to get my KJ classic 3 from legit dealer. Big lesson learned.
  5. JTK, I tried that phone number at least 50 times over a 2 week span and never got through. The only response I got was from the web site support page. I'm on my third promise ship date and have not seen a tracking number. Things are not looking good. Now working with my CC company on a no delivery dispute. I have not seen or heard of anyone ever actually getting a grill delivered from them. If you have it would be nice to hear from you. Good Luck,.....robkabob
  6. Rico, Sorry to hear that no refund. Makes my chance for a shipment and tracking number slim to none. I did get a SunLandes support email on Friday saying they will be shipping today (Monday) and I will get a tracking number Wednesday. If this is a scam (most likely is) how can they keep that Online store open and taking orders from other unsuspecting customers? I will share what happens next.....
  7. Rico, let us know how this turns out. I’m in the same boat. I’ve been waiting for my tracking number for 4 days. I get reply’s from their support saying they have contacted the warehouse but no reply. I do have fraud protection on my CC and I’ll use it if necessary.
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