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  1. Reviving an older thread but I made John’s Atlanta Brisket recipe yesterday. holy $&#% I love brisket but this was some other thing. The meat is so tender and juicy, the sauce is like dessert. My wife and I ate at least twice our normal meal in just brisket. And for the record this was a thin 4 pound cut I pulled from the freezer (had to freeze it because of some confusion a few weeks ago) so it was in no way ideal. I can’t believe it will be better from my normal butcher but it will.
  2. My slo roller is deformed from the heat. The middle piece warped and now wobbles when assembled. It still does its job but its annoying because it is not well balanced and sometimes tips over into the fire.
  3. Ah this makes good sense. Yeah, I set mine on a concrete pad inside my garage...my kids are older and my dog doesn't run free so nothing can really happen. I agree with what someone said below--I don't worry about charcoal either from a cost perspective but nor do I try to waste things.
  4. I don't understand this really. I make my pizzas, one pizza every 5 minutes or so. Once complete, I take the Do-Joe out and close up the KJ. I guess I'm asking, why don't you just take the DoJoe out when you're done if you want to put out the fire?
  5. Returning to this. KJ send a new dome and there's a new top ring on the way. I installed the dome a week ago and have done 3 faster cooks (chicken, reverse sear steak, salmon) with no problems. I cannot see any deformity in the other dome but the new dome may have fixed it. The best test will be a higher heat longer time pizza cook. But for now, it seems good. I'll skip the image paste--just looks proper now.
  6. I made this tonight. My wife says this is the best thing I've cooked on the Joe and even though I don't like salmon that much, smoking it and that glaze made it DELICIOUS. Since it's good for you, it's now part of our regular rotation. BTW, made it with clementine juice and zest because that's what we had and it was maybe better than even an orange--just that one notch sweeter. John, thank you!
  7. Anyone have a fit issue where the middle part (not the flat plate but the curved part) of the slo roller and bottom part don't mate well? Mine has a wobbly fit. It ends up working OK but often when I put on the top plate, the middle part loses its balance and needs a reset. It's clumsy and forces me to use my heat gloves. Just curious if others have this fit issue, and if I should report this as well to KJ with my other issues. Still love it...just annoyed by the workmanship shortcomings on mine.
  8. Adjusting it using the adjustment nut is a piece of cake but it never seems to hold for more than one cook. Did you do anything different than just monkeying with that nut?
  9. They are shipping a new dome and bands. I loosened everything, realigned, and tightened it all again today. It looked good but I did a pizza cook tonight and it's back to being out of whack. The dome is properly shaped but something happens where it escapes the band even when tight. I'm afraid to keep tightening--don't want to fracture the dome. Also tonight, the bottom gasket fell off after using the Do-Joe. And I've also noticed that the hinge adjustment does not keep itself set. I set it right, cook, and it then is no longer set (the dome does not stay completely open. This is after 2 months of use, probably twice a week. I love the Joe for cooking but it's not proving to be mechanically well built. Maybe I got a lemon but it's really starting to prove disappointing. I'll keep trying to work with KJ and update.
  10. KJ is shipping a new dome and band. It seems one or both are warped, but I only partially disassembled it in order to better link the pieces together to get me through for another month until they ship it to me. Once I fully pull the dome off, I can tell what warped. How in the heck do you dispose of a 50lb dome?!?
  11. Thank you. I did not notice it until after this past weekend, mostly because I had a fire with perhaps more smoke and it was pouring out of the gap. Waiting to hear back from KJ. I'm fine loosening and trying to re-adjust but I'm not messing with it until I get feedback from them regarding warranty.
  12. I love my Joe. I love this forum. John Setzler is a hero in my house. Question for you all. I got my Joe in January and I have separation (as shown in attached) between the ring and dome. This is resulting in a lack of seal and also some build concern from me. It seems that I could loosen the bolts to loosen the ring and maybe push the dome into the ring but I'm waiting to hear back from KJ (I don't want to mess up my warranty). Has anyone seen this? (The photo shows the separation but the video makes it much clearer.) And as followup, how have you found KJ to respond to warranty/build issues? IMG_6280.mov
  13. This is excellent. Question for slo roller users. Where do you put a drip pan with that little clearance from grate to slo roller top?
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