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  1. My first go at a beer can chicken and first in the Acorn Jr. Plain unseasoned roast chook and a bit of apple wood for smoke. I put it in a drip tray straight on the difuser, it's the only way it would fit without touching the lid. I used Weber brand lump charcoal and cooked it between 180°c to 200°c for an hour and a half, will only do an hour next time.
  2. Gardening/lawn, a bit of sailing and baking sourdough bread.
  3. Thanks Lesta. This seems a good size for cooking for two. After five hours i think it'd go another five on the same coals.
  4. Hi Steve from Brisbane New Kamado owner, just got an Acorn Jr last weekend. I've done a split chook and a small roast pork with great crackling, a steak and some wings just for practice this week and I've just started it up for another split chook for dinner after reading the vent settings post, thanks. I brined the chicken over night then dried it off and rubbed it with nandos lemon and herb rub. Temperature is holding at 100°c, which I'm surprised at seeing it has a full chimney of coals in it. I'm using heatbeads coconut briquettes, i know I'll ge lump wood next time, but these are nice and odor free and get the job done. I have ordered the smokin stone.
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