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  1. Nice. I'm doing this exact thing as we speak. I didn't wrap halfway, want to have that bark. Will it be ruined when I wrap after the cook?
  2. Hi, and thanks for having me. I got myself a Kamado Joe Classic III late last year. It was a nice autumn here in Norway, so I was hoping to take it out for a few runs before winter, but it took forever to have it delivered. It came just after the autumn set a brute closure for the season Last weekend, I couldnt wait for spring anylonger, So I took it out for a test. -14 degrees celcius (6.8 F). Up before daylight to get it warm. Had to use a bag of warm water to loosen the top- and bottom vents. Filled it with some nice coals. Used my time, not risking any cracks. Apple chuncks. A
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