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  1. I'm starting in my 1st restoration of a Kamado, it's a #5 Imperial and I've got a few questions. 1st the "before" pictures: The finish is dull and faded, but very well adhered. An overnight soaking in a trash bag with orange oil paint remover and pressure washing did nothing to remove the paint, so I'll rough it up and spray it with VHT Engine paint, Chrysler Hemi Orange is the closest I can find to burnt orange. I'm wondering if primer is needed? The main components are intact. One of the tie-wires around the ring is corrode away, so I'm going t
  2. Hello, new member from Fountain Valley, CA. I'm a longtime griller and BBQ'r with a Weber Performer, Smoky Joe and a Gourmet Chef offset smoker. I've been interested in a BGE for quite a while, but just didn't want to drop that much money on another outdoor cooker. Yesterday I got a #5 Imperial Kamado from a friend moving cross-country and have jumped right in and started fixing it up. I have many questions and will post in the appropriate section.
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