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  1. Hi all, I’ve been looking at many pizza stones for Joe Jr. but I have no idea which one to pick. What qualities should I look for in the stone? The price range seems quite wild starting from 20 EUR to 70 EUR. I won’t settle for less than 30 cm diameter, so thats the max. Any suggestions or recommendations? The BGE 30 cm pizza stone has caught my eye but I’m not sure should I pay a price that high..
  2. Thank you for your kind message. Hopw you will someday have the luxury to travel here. Hit me up and I’ll cook you something. Haha, that sounds a lot of fun. Booze cruises are a thing here, especially between the route from Finland to Sweden - been to many myself! By the way, I’ve been looking at a pizza stone for my KJ Jr. Any suggestions? Could I pull of a 12” stone or should I settle with 10”? Any spesific brand or quality aspects I should take into consideration?
  3. Thanks for the tip. I’m from southwest so I’ll pass. I just found out about a finnish retailer where I can get quality hardwood lump charcoal for 14 EUR a 10 kg bag. Spectacular movie, can’t deny that. I will keep you updated and will poat some pictures from my first cookout with the Joe. Thanks for making me feel welcome!
  4. Thank you for pointing this out, I will most definitely check it out. Sorry to hear this is the case for you also. One bag of KJ XL is around 30 EUR for a bag ($46 CAD). Might have to resort to some cheaper alternatives but will see.
  5. Hey guys, I just bought a Kamado Joe Jr as my first Kamado grill. Really excited about it although premium charcoal seems to be really expensive here in Finland so I need to get that sorted out. I think I’ll manage. The seller provided me one bag of KJ XL charcoal for free. Brief introduction: I’m a chill corporate guy working in IT and I have a wifey. Can’t wait to cook her some smokey ribs and rib-eye. My other passions are all kind of sports and gadgets. Good to be here folks.
  6. Oh, the second link’s store is charging 37 Euros for shipment and the first link says they’re out of stock.. I guess I am not getting a charcoal basket.
  7. Hello Guru’s, i’m thinking of pulling the trigger on Kamado Joe Jr. although one thing is bothering me: where to order a charcoal basket for my Jr. In Europe? Most US stores dont even ship to Europe and if they do it gets double the price because of freight. i’m also thinking about the smokeware kontrol vent. Is there any other accesory that would be awesome for my KJ JR? many thanks.
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