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  1. Indeed. I'd recommend it. Used it a couple of times at this point. That said, I'd recommend a cooler with wheels even more! Just so much more versatile. I'm keeping my Coho, but thinking about grabbing the Igloo trail mate to supplement for beach trips or larger parties. Great reviews, larger storage (75 quarts), wheels, and retractable pull bar. Checks all the boxes for me. Now just gotta come up with the $275.
  2. Just reporting in this amazing rub. Wife grabbed it for me for a Father’s Day gift and so far I’ve used it on pork ribs and pork belly. Let me tell you, it’s AMAZING! Great on pork. Not sure I’ll try it on anything else. Just getting the word out.
  3. So what’s going to be your solution? Grab the Yeti?!
  4. Does anyone know if they sell a griddle or soapstone attachment for the LG 24”? I want to do smash burgers. Also want to try grilling up some steaks on the soapstone!
  5. I bought it yes. Haven’t used it yet tho.
  6. Speaking of coolers… Has anyone purchased the 55 quart Coho cooler from Costco? They have it on sale on their website for $139 but I believe you can get it in store for 119. I have been shopping coolers nonstop for the last few days and I’m starting to get paralysis by analysis. I just figured Costco is a safe bet and the cooler is Rotomolded sooooo…that’s good right? Trying to stay away from the $300+ coolers.
  7. These things don’t hold air/smoke straight out of the factory...you gotta mod em’. Kinda sucks actually. I replaced my daisy wheel gasket with a Nomex seal and it still leaks from the thin crack between the spinning part of the daisy wheel and the base.
  8. 1) Kick ash basket was a gift, so I can't speak to the size BUT, you should be able to source on Amazon.com. Just type in your grill type; i.e., "Pit Boss 24" or LG 24". 2) Rig is sturdy. Thicker gauge steel than the stock grids. Stock grids warped on me a little bit with time and now have a bit of a bend to them. The stock grids are totally serviceable though, and have the advantage of being able to simply lift the front half up to access the lower grid. I still have mine. **One Kamadoguru member cut the top half of his stock grid in half so he could use the upper as more of a cooling rack or just a spot to keep the meat further away from the flames when cooking direct. I think that's a pretty cool mod. 3) Here are the links to the rig (below), but I don't think you can source in the UK. Or maybe you can! IDK. I really hope you can. I like the fact that they're made here in the good ol' U-S-OF-A, but I can see your frustrations sourcing. Good luck! https://ceramicgrillstore.com
  9. Rig, spider, ceramics, kick ash basket, and 16” cast iron grid just arrived..
  10. Does anyone have the adjustable rig combo from the Ceramic Grill Store? I'm getting ready to buy it, along with a spider and two 16" half ceramic plates. Expensive, but not in the grand scheme of things. Let me know if you guys want me to follow up with reviews or if you have any questions. I probably can't put anything together for at least a couple of weeks though. Just ordered today (4/28/21). Still gotta wait for it to ship and get to me. Also gotta do at least a couple of cooks so that I can give proper feedback. One luv.
  11. This is absolutely correct. I bought the replacement nomex and added it, and now the top vent doesn't feel all wobbly anymore. That said, I didn't add a "second layer", rather I removed the factory gasket (black, thin, POC) cleaned the surface with acetone, and added the new nomex that I found on Amazon (1 1/8 wide). I don't think there's a need to double up, in fact it seems hard to conceptualize how the new gasket would stick to the existing gasket. I'm pretty sure the adhesive is meant to go directly onto the ceramic. Anyhoots, just my two cents. If I find that the bugger still isn't holding temps, I'll go back in there and see if I can't add an extra layer of gasket. I will say it was a challenge to poke through the new gasket to get the screws back through to secure the vent back on. Anyone have tips for this? Thanks to all.
  12. Tried an overnighter on a 12 lb brisket over the weekend. Dang thing was done in 9.5 hrs! I was expecting closer to 17. Turns out I probably didn't even have to go overnight. Temps did swing a bit, but then again I haven't yet replaced the gasket on the daisy wheel yet. From what I understand, that's one of the first mods you have to do on this grill to get steady temps.
  13. Ok so I tried removing the material at the high spots to even it out...still wobbled. Then put some shims at the points where I thought it was low to help even out. That helped a little, but still the firebox isn’t as solid in there as I would like. I think that it might be the bottom of the grill that’s not level but I don’t know. I see this as a design flaw. Too much space between the fire box and the grill. This allows the fire box to shift even when it’s level. I’ve seen some other Kamari’s and their fire boxes go all the way to the innermost edges of the inner part of the grill. I hope you guys can visualize this. I’m thinking about putting some wood chunks around the outside of the firebox to keep it from moving… That’s my best idea anyway.
  14. I have a kick ash basket. Do I load it all the way to the brim? Also, how long do you think I can go on one basket?
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