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  1. Rig, spider, ceramics, kick ash basket, and 16” cast iron grid just arrived..
  2. Does anyone have the adjustable rig combo from the Ceramic Grill Store? I'm getting ready to buy it, along with a spider and two 16" half ceramic plates. Expensive, but not in the grand scheme of things. Let me know if you guys want me to follow up with reviews or if you have any questions. I probably can't put anything together for at least a couple of weeks though. Just ordered today (4/28/21). Still gotta wait for it to ship and get to me. Also gotta do at least a couple of cooks so that I can give proper feedback. One luv.
  3. This is absolutely correct. I bought the replacement nomex and added it, and now the top vent doesn't feel all wobbly anymore. That said, I didn't add a "second layer", rather I removed the factory gasket (black, thin, POC) cleaned the surface with acetone, and added the new nomex that I found on Amazon (1 1/8 wide). I don't think there's a need to double up, in fact it seems hard to conceptualize how the new gasket would stick to the existing gasket. I'm pretty sure the adhesive is meant to go directly onto the ceramic. Anyhoots, just my two cents. If I find that the bugger
  4. Tried an overnighter on a 12 lb brisket over the weekend. Dang thing was done in 9.5 hrs! I was expecting closer to 17. Turns out I probably didn't even have to go overnight. Temps did swing a bit, but then again I haven't yet replaced the gasket on the daisy wheel yet. From what I understand, that's one of the first mods you have to do on this grill to get steady temps.
  5. Ok so I tried removing the material at the high spots to even it out...still wobbled. Then put some shims at the points where I thought it was low to help even out. That helped a little, but still the firebox isn’t as solid in there as I would like. I think that it might be the bottom of the grill that’s not level but I don’t know. I see this as a design flaw. Too much space between the fire box and the grill. This allows the fire box to shift even when it’s level. I’ve seen some other Kamari’s and their fire boxes go all the way to the innermost edges of the inner part of the grill.
  6. I have a kick ash basket. Do I load it all the way to the brim? Also, how long do you think I can go on one basket?
  7. Anyone tried to go overnight on a cook with the LG24? I’ve learned the hard way that putting a big enough pork butt on at 8am can’t take you all the way to midnight to complete. AND THAT DOESNT EVEN INCLUDE RESTING TIME! I want to do an overnight cook so that when I wake up in the morning I’m already 8 hrs or so into my cook. That way I might actually be able to eat bbq that day. Here’s the thing...I don’t have a temp controller. Would any of you kindly share your experiences/advice? I’d like to cook at 225-250 degrees.
  8. When adding the extra felt to the vent, do you remove the existing felt first or just leave it on and put the extra felt on top of it?
  9. I too have issues keeping temps consistent, or even dialing in temps at all sometimes. Been grilling on this thing for about a year now (about 1x per week at least on average). I figure I have enough cooks under my belt to have dialed it in by now. Maybe I do need a temp controller! Sux.
  10. I haven't seen them. But a grey Kamado sounds like a beaut! I have the red one from last year. Got at Costco and it came with grill cover, "nest", charcoal tool, side tables, and double decker grids. Aside from the temps being a bear to control (and that likely is user error) I have absolutely no complaints. Wait...I can complain about one thing. The magnetic closing mechanism. It's awesome, but when you reach in with metal tongs it grabs you pretty good!
  11. Is anyone else having this issue? The fire box inside my Kamado is pretty wobbly and it affects the stability of the grill grates. I already pulled it out, cleaned the bottom, cleaned the inside of the main body, and repositioned it the best I could. Any suggestions for an easy fix or ways to rig so that it’s more stable and level?
  12. Is the vent in your fire box pointed towards the bottom vent hole?
  13. Check out https://ceramicgrillstore.com They have a bunch of accessories that will work with both the LG 24” and Pit Boss Kamados. Made in the USA too!!
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