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  1. Hi all, I can’t speak to the Kamander specifically, but I did find a site that sells woo-rings, spiders, ceramic plates, drip pans, grill grates, and “rigs” for Kamado style grills! I was looking for something, anything really that would upgrade my Louisiana grills 24 inch Kamado that I bought from Costco last year. This grill is a carbon copy of the Pit Boss Kamado and uses accessories interchangeably. It’s a pretty good grill with tons of cooking surface with the dual/stacked grates, but with very little versatility due to the lack of a “divide and conquer” style system. The fire box is also a bit wobbly. Not too thrilled about that, but maybe that’s common. Found a woo-ring (made specifically for my grill) and A bunch of other accessories. To be honest I still haven’t pulled the trigger and purchased anything yet, but I will next month once it’s in the budget. Hope this helps: check the link https://ceramicgrillstore.com
  2. I just want the Woo Ring because the factory setup is kinda crappy. Especially compared to the competition. Kamado Joe has the divide and conquer setup, and so fourth. The Kamado Joe is also $2k. I’m hopeful that with the woo ring and two 16” half plates will get us a way better setup.
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