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    Cedar plank salmon tips?

    Definitely overcooked them. I use planks and cook salmon a good bit and I found that if you cook with the planks raised a little more over the flames then go a little hotter on temp. If you lower the planks closer to the fire then stick with 350* temp. As stated above the internal is the true deciding factor. I pull at 140* internal and they turn out great. Don't try to time the cook as it rarely works out.
  2. Nice job Boss! I like looking at some good breakfast cooks.

    Oink, Gobble and Cluck

    x2 on the Walker's Wood. I work with a gent from the island and he says it's one of the closest tasting to authentic that is sold in stores.

    Any help with salmon?

    I always do cedar planks with mine and just whatever seasoning I feel like. Done some yesterday and it always turns out great. At the end I use a good terriyaki sauce to glaze with. Most important thing is to cook it to the proper internal temp of 145 to 150.

    My first over night smoke on my Primo

    You would have been fine with just the original grate. I've done numerous overnight cooks on my XL and have never had an issue with it going out. Glad you got everything under control though.

    Costco Roadshow Schedule - December 2017

    @Dub , looking good for us next month!

    Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    Good stuff!! I'm glad that you liked it and are satisfied with it. When it comes to lighting the lump, just place some of the small RO over the bigger pieces of the JD. This will help you get going faster and easier and there won't be enough RO in there to affect the smoke or the flavor. I do it regularly without any issues.

    Kick Butt on wings ?

    Glad they turned out. They look really good as usual.

    Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    I definitely will be curious as to how you like it.
  10. BOOMSTICK069

    Jealous Devil versus Fogo

    I actually love the Jealous Devil brand and have used several bags. I prefer it over the FOGO only because it is more dense and seems to burn longer to me. The ash amount is about the same as FOGO but less that RO and some of the cheaper brands. The smoke flavor is a very mild one that isn't strong. Good lump in my opinion that works well. I think I have about 2 bags left of it.
  11. Nice work Boss! About to get out of work in a few and will be doing some cooking myself for the games tomorrow. Definitely a nice looking plate you got going on. When you get back to work, I got something for you to try on your next cook.
  12. BOOMSTICK069

    Turkey test run

    Never done a rotisserie turkey before but I have done a few spatchcock. I've been close to that hour and a half mark myself, maybe a little longer.
  13. BOOMSTICK069

    Reusing lump

    I do pretty much everything both of you are doing as well. Only thing I have noticed is that if I know I'm going to be doing a long cook soon I try to use all of the old lump up and use all new for the long cook. The old lump in my experience doesn't burn as long.
  14. BOOMSTICK069


    Yep, that's it. Looks good to me.
  15. BOOMSTICK069

    Simple Saturday eats.........

    Awesome!! I would greatly appreciate it kind sir.