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  1. Congrats, but I think you should have stuck with the Primo. I would buy mine 10 times over. Either way you will be cooking good food.
  2. It will get hotter than you want it to. Pull the trigger and enjoy!
  3. I don't mind the wrapping at all and get the results I want. To answer the question, cut back on the amount of time in the foil. If you don't want fall off the bone then wrap them for only about an hour. When I do ribs I at least cook 2 racks and most of the time 3. I will always do 1 rack without wrapping and the others with it. Nobody in my family pays attention to which ones are which so I will ask them after we eat which did they prefer. They always say that all the ribs were good but if they have to pick they always pick the ones that were wrapped.
  4. I always do indirect 400-425 most of the time. It always gives me the color and crispness on the skin that I want. I honestly can't remember the last time I cooked chicken over direct heat.
  5. It really doesn't matter which one you get. They will all cook great food and have great warranties along with great customer service. In all honesty it'll come down to personal preference and which one appeals to you. I chose the Primo due to liking the Oval shape better and the fact that they're made in America, both are personal choices. Don't let anyone try to convince you to go one way or the other. Look at all of them and choose the one that appeals to you.
  6. Congratulations.
  7. That is really awesome. I would love to see one in use.
  8. There won't be any drawback. It will actually help add some flavor as it contains fat. I trim my filet the exact same way he does except I leave the chain and petite roast connected. It gives you a little larger steak and cooks up well and has a better flavor in my opinion. My wife would divorce me if I trimmed the fat off of her filet.
  9. Get your favorite mayo and brush them down good with it. Don't cake it on but just give them a good coating. Then add your favorite rub and cook indirect at about 350 until the internal hits 165. Pull and let rest for 5-10min and enjoy some of the best chicken breasts you have ever had. The mayo will break down and give them a good color while holding your rub as well. You'll thank me later.
  10. Sounds about right to me. That's usually about how long I do mine and they turn out perfect.
  11. Flat side here as well. You just need some sort of fat on the griddle for the steaks. I usually just throw a little dab of compound butter on mine when doing them. It will give them that nice crustification that TKO mentioned.
  12. Wait until you do some burgers or steak on it. Probably the best addition I have added to my XL. We do everything from fish to seafood to burgers and steak on mine. You will definitely find yourself using it more and more.
  13. What Phil said. I didn't do this with mine and had to replace after 2yrs.
  14. Congratulations on your purchase. You will get used to the lid and actually learn to love it. As for your first cook, I would do something like a boston butt. Low and slow that way you can have some time to watch the temps. I recommend just filling with lump first and letting it run without anything in it. Get you a drink and play with the temps for a couple of hours and learn some vent settings. It'll make your life easier a little further down the road.
  15. Thanks for all the kind words. The potatoes were super easy to do and were a big hit. Not only did they look good but they tasted good as well. This was the easiest method I found to make them. Only thing I did different was I bought some fresh Asiago and Parmesan cheese and grated it over the potatoes once I uncovered them.