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  1. I sure do, and it's Canadian too I picked it up on Etsy, from a guy called SpitFireGrilling
  2. That is REALLY interesting I have a 3rd party rotisserie for my Weber 26.75 "mini-ranch kettle" and just tried it out - perfect fit, and plenty of clearance for the 26er lid.... This opens up a lot of possibilities without opening my wallet....
  3. I've heard it needs a slight and simple shave to the inner bottom ring (in the back) but works well post mod.
  4. KJ D&C fits just fine (big Joe version) (the classic sized Sloroller also does, if you close off the charcoal support ring)
  5. I decided to try it The one from the big Joe fits (ish) but the grate has to be pivoted a bit to minimize rubbing against the nut in the dome. It rubs more than I like So I tried the one from the Classic Joe and that is the better fit. I just need to fill in about an inch of gap around the charcoal grate ring/holder. Going to cut a circle into a 19 inch aluminum pizza pan Oh, by the way - the Big Joe Divide and Conquer fits great!
  6. I just use the wooden scraper and high heat. Not a big deal for me. I wish you luck, but it’s a solution in search of a problem from my perspective
  7. And mine, although at least the choices are good "mainstream" ones
  8. Not a member at Costco but I have lots of friends and family who are. Any idea If this applies to Costco Canada as well? Their site doesn’t even show having KJ products at all
  9. I'm with you on preferring to have non-meat meals that are that way "on purpose" rather than imitating a meat meal But, we have vegetarian friends who are glad for having better options of "mock meats" for things like group get togethers - if only so they don't have to stand out as different, and they can also just scarf down a couple of burgers like anyone else rather than being limited to sides and salads I get that. They also explained that "mock meats" tend to be the more social dishes, since there are a lot of people who want to "pass" at a backyard bbq, but not so many who want to pretend at home with the rest of their meals
  10. You could definitely track down casters that would screw into the height adjustment stems, but It would likely need additional support to keep everything squared up in motion. Racking does make the walls buckle a bit, but they are solid once installed. Maybe a bar from caster to caster on the bottom would get it strong as hell....
  11. Another good option - without buying another cooker - is to get a kettle pizza attachment. I have one semi-permanently set up on my 18 inch Weber Jumbo Joe, although I can also move the bolts and put it on my bigger 26. With a good stone/steel, it will easily hit those quick cook times for Neapolitan. Nothing wrong with the ones I make on my KJ Jr though Now, if only I had a good picture where I didn't completely screw up the launch
  12. That's a rabbit hole I've found myself down many times, and definitely is going to be different between wood, charcoal kettle, Kamado... My thoughts? Keep a small spot hot in the fire. Feed enough air on the intake for it to be clean but not enough to encourage it to spread. Keep the top damper as open as you can without getting too hot or closing the bottom completely (you still want an upwards flow) For me, that's open a knats testicle on the bottom and all the way open on top, but sometimes, I end up closing the top to 3/4 or so. Not the usual 1-finger many others recommend. I want my smoke to kiss the meat and get out without ever lingering. But that's a matter of taste. You can go nuts measuring charcoal temp on an IR, but it would likely work (ish). I prefer to think concept, and see it as an explanation why a small hot fire is better than a larger cooler one - despite the overall pit temp being the same
  13. That's hilarious. I've had rocks and chunks of what I assume is firebrick, but never a chainsaw chain! Proof that lump is "real" at least
  14. Basically, but it’s just as important to understand which different compounds are burning because each is a part of the flavour profile. If there is not enough air for the volume of fuel gas being released by the solid fuel, you are tasting those gasses. If it is burning efficiently, you are tasting the fuel “post burn” which is entirely different This here is a good deep dive https://barbecuefaq.com/thin-blue-smoke/
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