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  1. Quebec is down to 70+ now and moving to 65+ next week. I'm in my 40s and working from home. I will be waiting a while for my turn (but will be first in line when it finally is my turn)
  2. That’s a good point! I’m still trying to find the grate for the firebox (haven’t had it in since I got the kick ash basket) so it will fit it’s buried somewhere in the garage......
  3. Thats certain, but the question is: How much? Heat retention from below with an open conductive lid isn't going to be as good as a full insulated Kamado Speaking as someone who uses grills through proper Canadian winters, I can tell you that there is a huge benefit to thermal mass just to hold in heat. Something like a thick steel plate, a couple of pizza stones down to the side, or even just some fire bricks will get you that thermal mass. There won't be any extra heat radiating from above, and there will be loss through the lid, but you also won't be down to next to zero every time you open the top - the spring effect will help hold the temp once its hot (and you can pre-warm the bricks in your oven if you really want to go to the trouble - not an option with the KJK,
  4. Now, if you're keeping it, that's a whole other game. They make a Master Touch Premium with hinged lid and deflector. Looks fantastic. I still think that the absolute best "kettle-based" combo is the Weber 26 with the Slow N Sear XL though. When mine eventually goes, its getting replaced with another
  5. Honestly, depending on your timeline and budget, I wouldn't do a Master Touch. Its a great grill, but really is designed to be one you keep for a LONG time. If you know you want something else eventually that will actually retire the Weber Kettle, you may as well get a more basic model (I'd still get one with the ash cleanout) for about a hundred bucks If you are looking at spending the bigger dollars on a better kettle, get a Weber 26.75. It's just better, and with multi-zone cooking, has similar usable indirect space to a 24 inch Kamado If just getting your feet wet, there are a lot of decent metal Kamados out there for similar money, or get a Jr size to learn on. This mongrel looks to be a good way of having a half-Kamado, with better thermal spring recovery (the ceramic retains heat so it will better handle opening the lid) and also has a slo-roller. Cool, but not sure its better than a cheaper weber with a Slow N Sear. The weber will also get you a world of accessories (KJ has a lot too, but not yet on the new product) Hard to say, but I doubt its a "Weber killer" Short version: If its a temporary grill, don't go all the way to a master touch when a 22 Premium will do all the same things - and if you want to spend the extra, look at the 26.75 and the Performer
  6. I agree. I have not had a "good" Impossible or Beyond Meat burger, but I have had ones that are essentially indistinguishable from a "good enough" beef one such as you would find at most large events Nothing against synthetic "meat" if they can have some sort of benefit for some people. I won't buy it, but I also tend to think that ground beef is largely a byproduct, so it would go to waste if not used up anyways for the usual steaks and roasts that are the big drivers for cattle as food
  7. I have an old beat up Weber Jumbo Joe that I used for camping (and occasional use as a patio fire pit) that is definitely on its last legs I wanted to replace it with an Akorn Jr since my Kamado Joe Jr is so awesome, but also heavier and more delicate than what I would want for camping in a popup. Unfortunately, an Akorn Jr is almost the same price as a Joe Jr up here in Canada, and I'm not dropping 400 for the unit and another hundred for a deflector. I'm just not. So, I decided to play around with what I could do with a Weber Jumbo Joe, to see if I could get it more "Kamado like", with more thermal mass and the full 18 inch grid available for indirect (instead of half that with banked coals) First up, a Slow N Sear charcoal basket I had kicking around. Its awesome. But Its not a Kamado, and its hard to do low and slow smoking with the fire that close Next, inspired by "mini-wsm" builds, I made a maxi-mini-wsm. An 18 inch beast with 4 grates on a 19 inch tall midsection. Fantastic as a vertical smoker, and removable to be the grill. But bulky. I then tried a cheap ceramic heat deflector advertised as being for a large BGE. Raising the grate was necessary, but not too far given limited headroom. This one WORKS And for fun, I just discovered that the bottom half of the Kamado Joe Jr Firebox fits perfectly, with or without the deflector - wonder if I can get one of those cheaply. Could someone tell me the height of the Kamado Joe Classic Firebox? If its the same height (without the ring) I could make this thing have the same level of ceramic firebox as the new KJ kettle.
  8. I wonder if the sloroller will fit the Weber 22? If it came in black, I might even consider buying it though. Wonder how it compares to the Weber Kamado since it has heat retention capability while the Weber has a double wall
  9. It's almost exactly 12 inches from top of table to top of shelf (note I have bricks between the kamado and the shelf) and I drilled out 1/4 inch holes The distance was also based on not wanting the holes to look out of place, as there is already a hole the same distance below the original, so instead of having 2 holes 4 inches apart, I have 3 holes equidistant at 4 inches
  10. I’d also like to see those things get attention. I’m seriously considering an E6 (no cart) for my setup losing the gas ignition to drop the price about $500 was a good trade Don’t need the cart since I have a lot of stainless countertop already
  11. Agreed. They’ve always taken fantastic care of me whenever I had any issues, including taking back my G1 Smokefire when it was clearly not ready for prime time. Seems G2 is much better though (but I’ve since moved on to a Traeger for my pellet needs)
  12. That looks great! I already have a stainless countertop in my grilling area, so I'm looking more at the E6. Hoping to hear more about your experiences! I wanted a Joe or Egg of some sort, but the weight was a problem for my setup and usage
  13. Cool. I was never much for the "imitation" vegetarian stuff. I do happily eat vegetarian meals at least a few nights a week, and there are lots of great ways to use a grill or smoker to help make them yummy - BUT - I really prefer things intended to be non-meat in the first place Mock meat burgers are getting a lot closer to the real thing, but I would much rather make something delicious out of fresh veg and put it in a bun We have close friends who are vegetarian, with one of them being "grossed out" by anything that has ever been touched by meat. We have a second couple that are observant jews (and thus kosher rules apply) and who also won't use anything touched by non kosher. The solution - one many on here would certainly love - for me was to have a dedicated grill (a Jumbo Joe) that has never tasted meat of any sort (or anything else non-kosher). We have friends over, I have an extra grill, and I also have an overflow grill for vegetable sides. LOVE grilled veg. Today, I'm slow roasting cherry tomatoes and red onion and charring red bell peppers and some butternut squash. Served with couscous, it will be delicious.
  14. I don't know. Seems like a kettle at this point. Is it insulated at all? I see the ceramic which makes for a nice bit of heat retention (nice heat spring recovery) If not, I think I'd prefer just rolling a Weber 27 with SnS Seems like they might be undercutting the Weber Summit in the "non-ceramic but still kind of kamado space" Although I hope they come out with a black one - I don't like KJ red despite loving my little Jr.
  15. Think I'm going to pick up a Summit Charcoal actually. Love my KJ Jr, but my patio is cobblestone and there is no way I'm moving a ceramic beast
  16. I really hate the look of it actually. Would much rather have a nice black one My ideal Kamado is the limited edition black KJ, but on a 3rd generation one. They get them in Australia, but not in North America
  17. Glad it turned out great A lesson I've learned on Weber Kettles, that I'm sure carries over, is that at low heat you can have a lot of fuel all smouldering (because it doesn't have the air to burn hot) or you can have a tiny amount of fuel burning very hot, without the ability to spread to everything else So, 1. Try to have only one spot hot 2. Bury (or sandwich) any wood so it isn't too open to air 3. Get the spot burning clean (in a Kamado, you can do that in place, in a weber do it in a chimney with a couple of pieces of coal) 4. Once its established to the level you want, assemble everything and close the lid. All vents wide open. 5. 50-75F below your target, close bottom vent most of the way - I find about the thickness of my pinkie finger is about right) Keep top vent open In my experience, that will get the cleanest burn. Let the smokey air out as fast as possible with no turbulence. It will kiss the food just fine without rolling around in there. Don't choke off of smoulder the fire, just keep it very small through air control. Fire control beats vent surfing any day
  18. I have, but I really found the learning curve quite reasonable since I was already used to kettle style grills and vertical smokers. The biggest difference that I saw - besides not using briquettes - is that overshooting will mess up your day since getting up to heat is easier than in a Weber, but getting back down is close to impossible unless you catch it before the walls start retaining heat. I have a charcoal basket in my Joe jr. and the first few times, I ended up overshooting, then just moving the coals (with welding gloves) to the Weber... it may be a hassle, and a blow to the ego, but dinner still needed cooking....
  19. Hello All I have long been getting lots of great tips from this place and finally decided to register. Last name is Webber, so I come by the user name honestly I've got quite a few grills - probably not as many as some of you, but more than most of my neighbours at least Kamado Joe Jr Weber Jumbo Joe (with mini-WSM mod, so its also a WSM) Traeger Ironwood 885 Napoleon P500 (Not used in the last year or so, except as outdoor storage) Weber 26er with SnS Plus my camping grills Been getting into Kamado with my Joe Jr and even built a decent cart from it, inspired by one I found on here
  20. Did the same Idea as @Kamadobjornbut on the new Ikea line, the GrillSkar. Its a bit of a bigger table, with all metal body. Built more as a cabinet rather than as a cart. Perfect so far
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