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  1. I see now that it would be fully possible to fit an aluminium tray filled with water underneath the kamado, and in between the three legs it has. It appears the greatest risk of high temperatures is underneath the base of the grill. Wouldn't that water possibly serve as an early warning system, if the water has evaporated after a cook it must have been very hot there? Does the evaporating water pose any risk to the ceramic material?
  2. Thanks for the concern! I am keeping close tabs on the temperature until I am fully familiarized with the grill's behaviour, using an infrared thermometer throughout the cook, from lighting up until I close the vents. So far the exterior temperature has been well below 100 degrees Celsius. I believe wood would only catches fire at around 200 degrees. The paint I have treated the wood with is rated for 90 degrees. The article you quote is interesting, and I see that my theory of 200 degrees comes into conflict with what the article states. So far the exterior of the kamado has been
  3. Thanks! That was the goal. The room on this narrow balcony has to be spent wisely, and objects must not take up more space than necessary. The neighbours don't know yet! Haha. This balcony is on a wall without windows, ours are the only ones. We are also the lone apartment on the loft. Presumably not much smoke will go down.. so there would probably be much less of an inconvenience than when I light up the Weber in the garden. I honestly don't think anyone will notice. And.. we don't have any silly rules
  4. I think this could be my first post on here, but I've enjoyed perusing the forum for some time. I'm not new to grilling/BBQ, as I've always been a fond user or Weber kettles and gas grilles. We live in an 1890's city block in Oslo, where we had no balcony, only a shared garden, where we have a 57cm Weber kettle. This winter we had a balcony installed (hooray!), and I had really been looking forward to making food on it. However the Weber was absolutely not safe on this balcony, and it would barely fit with the side table and handles.. this forced me to look for an alternative, and I d
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