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  1. what dome temps? Roughly how long did you sear vs smoke? Did the meat have a heavy charcoal flavor?
  2. How were the scallops? I tried scallops last night and while one scallop was 145f most of the others were 160f, probably not good and which I'm blaming for the rubbery texture. I have the soapstone as well, my grill isn't level so when I add oil or butter it creeps towards the rear and falls into the file, so I should fix that first. I also didn't clean the soapstone from the last cook (smashburgers) so I think that was an issue as well. Live and learn.
  3. Looks really good. I was going to try the same but without the rotisserie and I don't have one. I was going to smoke them for a bit and then sear on the grill.
  4. I subscribed to them for the last 8 months but found that the quality was lacking, at least compared to my local grocery store. I tried most of their meats, the only meat that I would say is better than what I can get locally is the pig butt. If I recall it was 160 a month for the plan I was on
  5. good to know. My thought was getting high temps for quicker searing or getting pizzas in and out quicker. Sounds like mostly a bad idea....
  6. Taking another look through the owners manual doesn't say anything about a max temp for the grill.
  7. Do you guys go to local butchers? I've tried a few in my neck of the woods and they were not any better than the grocery store.
  8. I was asking KJ support about max temps on a soapstone and the response was the stone doesn't have a max temp other than the grills 750 max temp!? I've seen plenty of videos of the grill temp pegged on these things, maybe the support person was thinking about another grill? That would be odd because they asked for a picture of my grill with the dome closed, so they know which one is it and that I actually own one (I guess). Thoughts?
  9. I was wondering about that, does the crack hurt in some way? is the entire stone anti-bacterial or just the surface? My other thought on the crack was caused by the stone heating or cooling too quickly. I brought the stone in the house and left it a while, so the stone was at or close to room temp before using. Outside temp was probably 20 so I used advice I saw online about not lighting the charcoal in 5 spot, just lighting it in the center and and let the dome slowly (bottom and top vent open about 1/2 way or so) come up to temp. I had the stone in the grill while it was coming up to temp. After some time, the grill reached 700 degrees which was about 100 over what I was shooting for. Surface temp of the stone was 621, I don't know if there was a crack at that point, it was dark.
  10. Some good news, Kamado Joe. is replacing the stone. I sent them pics of the stone, they asked for pics of the grill with the dome closed. I sent that (classic 3, brand new) and they said a new stone will be shipped shortly. Awesome customer service!
  11. Yep. I had the grates on and I placed the stone on top of the grates. I also contacted Kamado Joe, let's see what they say.
  12. I'm new to charcoal and kamado so I expect a few missteps. For my first cook I tried smashburgers on the soapstone. I was aiming for a dome temp of 600 but it went to 700. I checked the surface of the soapstone, it was 621 F. I cooked my burgers at this temp(worked really well). Next day cleaning the stone, I noticed a large crack. I assume the stone got too hot? I didn't see anything about a max temp on the box, so I'm not sure. What did I do wrong?
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