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  1. I know George retired but; is the plant in Missouri, Illinois or both? Just curious.
  2. I think it's the updated version. It was back ordered for about a month when I ordered it.
  3. Potsticker


    Thanks TKOBBQ! Looks like not very much traffic comes through this subcategory.
  4. Potsticker


    Hello Egg Heads and Kamado Gurus checking into HQ, where’s the chow hall?
  5. Thanks for the warm welcome and for the Atlanta Grill Company channel. You guys are impressive!
  6. Large green egg guy here! I have owned this since 2004 and really love cooking on it, also thinking of adding an XL. Would you believe as long as I have had this BGE I still have not done a Pizza! I use to have a Loaded Yoder Wichita sold it a couple weeks ago and ordered a Santa Maria Brasero grill. ETA in about +/- 10 weeks. Hope to learn a lot from you guys!!!
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