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  1. I am planning to cook a pork butt in a few weeks to practice before father's day. I usually buy the meat from Costco and as mentioned elsewhere in this thread they are boneless. Can anyone share some experience of cooking time for boneless vs bone-in? Assuming cooking at 225F.
  2. That is a cool way to mount the probe. However, I thought the general recommendation is to have the ambient probe at the grill level?
  3. I received my FireBoard 2 Pro over the weekend and it looks really well build. I was surprised to see that the ambient temp probe is the alligator clip type, even the box content shows the grill clip version, which is nice. Another mod that I am thinking is to stick a metal plate (the ones used for cell phone cases) on the back on the unit and then also put some magnets on the egg nest, instead of buying the magnetic mount since I already have all those parts in the house. I will be cooking some ribs this weekend to try out the unit.
  4. https://slickdeals.net/f/15006616-b-b-lump-charcoal-11-99 Their rub is also on sale but the sale price is about the same as CGS' regular price so probably not as good as a deal.
  5. Gotcha. When I get one of these I will put inside a zip bag if there is a chance of wet weather.
  6. Thanks John. I will check that out too. In the really right stuff thread, you mentioned that the original fireboard needs the case for protection. Is that still true for the Pro version?
  7. Thanks John. I will do some more reading on the vendor site before buying.
  8. John, thank you for the feedback. The Fireboard seems to be a nice unit. Although the in house wifi should be always-on (even without internet capabilities,) does it means that it would not function if the network access is interrupted? e.g. power outage in the middle of the night.
  9. I am planning to get a temperature controller for the large BGE. Initially I was going to get the flame boss 500/400, then I started to read the thread on FB2D. They seem to be priced similarly and I wonder if there are any significant performance differences. Also the local ACE is sent me a 10% discount so I can get the Flame Boss there. Since the grill is exposed on the deck weatherproof is needed. Should I also look into other brands? Thanks in advance.
  10. They were not bad. But I would advise not to use wooden skewers for the corn. Kind of a pain getting it through the corn. Maybe I should have just cooked the corns straight.
  11. Thanks! It is the beauty of the internet, I was reading everywhere for a week trying to learn as much as possible. I am thinking about making them more moist, and closer to "meat fall off bone" style. Should I cook them for a bit longer so they bend more? Or should I use the 3-2-1 method with foil plus liquid wrap? I worry that the 3-2-1 method may make the ribs too mushy.
  12. I had some ribs in the freezer and decided that today is the day to venture into the world of L&S. After reading many threads here and elsewhere I chose to do the ribs straight at 225 without the foil method. Took a while to get the temperature dialed as it danced between 200 and 275. But all was well in the end. I used some apple wood chunk for the smoke. Ribs seasoned with Honey Hog, the ribs finished in: one with no sauce, one with BGE Carolina Tangy sauce, and one with BGE Zesty Mustard sauce. I personally have no knowledge on BBQ sauce and I just picked them at the loc
  13. The pot lifter made the job really easy. Thanks again for the tip. Now I am reading up all the recipes and thinking what to cook this weekend.
  14. Finally moved it to the deck today and did a first fire and cooked a rib-eye steak. I had some trouble controlling the temp at the beginning and overshot my target of 500F dome temp. But it settled down eventually. Pretty amazing how it can keep temp once it is dialed in despite opening and closing the dome to flip steak, check meat temp, etc. This is my first time cooking with charcoal and my family was impressed. I didn't use the apple wood chunk I bought since it was a fast cook. But there is still plenty of smoke flavor from the lump charcoal. My daughter even said that
  15. I haven't moved it yet but already bought and ordered the following: - 13" pizza stone - PS Woo and drip pan from CGS - B & B lump charcoal - Cement Mat - Rib rack - Poultry Rack (beer can style) - Kick Ash Basket and Ash Can - Some BBQ gloves - Some rubs from CGS to get free shipping (Honey Hog and Texas Beef) - Lump rake - Cover Still need to buy: - Heat deflector - More fire starter - A metal trashcan to store the charcoal
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