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  1. I saw this posted in the local facebook marketplace. Thought it was neat so sharing to the group Only $100.
  2. They "soft bone" or cartilage will become soft enough that it is kind of crunchy...
  3. Thanks. as @jark87mentioned, it is 2 hour unwrapped at 235F, followed by 2 hour wrapped (foil), then one hour unwrapped. I had 3 half racks of ribs, 1 I used mustard as binder and the other 2 I used the Baccan's Japanese BBQ sauce as binder. I used Meat Church Honey Hog for rub. For the wrapping phase I put honey and brown sugar on the ribs, wrapped and then meat side down on the grill grid. For the last hour I used Char Siu Sauce on the meat side (meat side up.) Of course you can use any BBQ sauce for the finish.
  4. I always struggled with ribs so that everyone is happy. My family like the ribs to be less tough and the target is always have soft bone in the ribs be chewable. And I don't like it too mushy. They are tasty but I am not a fan of that consistency for ribs, otherwise I just make pulled pork. Tried amazing ribs method: 5 hours unwrapped at 225F. Too tough as it requires good bit of effort to pull meat from bone. Tried 3-2-1 at 225, too mushy. Learn from friends after tasting theirs with 2-2 at 275F. Close but still somewhat mushy. Finally, read from reddit that someone won a competition: 2-2-1 at 235F. Tried that and it is the result I wanted to make everyone happy (myself included.) Meat ready to fall off the bone with minimum effort but it is still structurally intact. And the soft bone is chewable
  5. Late to the topic but I also have a small family so a whole brisket is (10-12 lbs ones) to big for even 2 meals. I also cook thew whole thing and then cut up big chunk and vacuum seal them immediately. Freeze and reheat using the sous vide stick. And the trimming makes the best ground beef for burger. I buy my brisket from Costco (Prime) and I collect trimmings from 2-3 cooks to make ground beef.
  6. The stuff they gave me probably adds up close to the cost of the whole packer. I didn't want to charge them because they are good friends. But they insist to pay and they thought it was a great deal because that can't be bought unless you pay 3x-4x.
  7. A friend who lives close by asked if I can help cook something for them when I fire up the smoker. So this weekend I did a double brisket cook. Both briskets are in the 10-12 lbs range. I usually cook at the felt level but for this cook the grill grid was at the fire ring height, else the second brisket won't fit. The cook was very successful. In exchange my friend paid for the meat and I also got a very nice bag of good coffee beans, salads, and dessert. I guess this is my first "commissioned" cook.
  8. Added some more lumps and wood chunks to experiment to the set up. I should be able to do 2 briskets this way.
  9. I didn't even know Costco sells choice cuts. In our area (Maryland) they only sell prime and from the first brisket until the 10th they had been perfect. In fact, I will be doing a double brisket cook this weekend for the first time (one for us and for a friend.) Also I agree with seasoning. I use the Kinder's blend (SPG, from Costco as well) and it has never failed in my short smoking career
  10. I plan to cook two briskets this weekend (12.7 lb & 9 lb pre-trim) in the large BGE. Normally I do my cooking with CGS PS Woo and the expander for second level, and use the spider plus 2 half 15" stone as deflector. I don't think the PS Woo will allow me to put the second brisket without having it touching the dome. I plan to change configuration to invert the spider and use a single 13" stone as deflector and just put grid on top of the fire ring. I will put the expander and the D-Grid and that is actually at the felt line. Th picture shows the bottom of the spider relative to the top of charcoal bed. Is that too close?
  11. This is what I cooked on Monday for Chinese New Year's Eve dinner. The flat looks a little dry but all I get are praises. Sometime i think we are too critical of ourselves
  12. I thought the competition as mentioned in this forum as well as amazingribs' recipe. But my family don't like it and they prefer the fall off the bone consistency, specially where soft bone can be bitten off. Nowadays I have adopted a recipe my friend shared: - Season with dry rub - 275F two hours. - Wrap in foil, add honey and brown sugar and cook for 2 more hours in 275F. - If I want to sauce them, I will take off about 30 mins early, sauce and cook. - Let them rest in foil for 15 mins. It doesn't make difference to me as I am happy either way, but everyone else is happier.
  13. I did brisket #4 yesterday and as the ones before I don't spritz and I cook at 225. The only time I open the lid is when I wrapped it at 165F. I also use a blower to maintain temperature....
  14. I cooked a paella today and before lighting up the lumps I do the usual of cleaning the ashes from the last cook, etc. I had the lid (BGE) open and a strong gust of wind caused it to close. I checked around and didn't any damage. Continued my task and bam! it happened again. Now I feel really dumb. So after that I kept the lid closed when I am not looking and when I needed the lid to stay open during the cook I used a wooden spatula as a strut to keep it from coming down again. Before loading it with lumps I took out the fire ring/bowl, checked the lower and upper bowls inside and out and I didn't see any cracks. Check it after starting the fire and didn't see any fire/smoke coming out of any cracks. Did I get lucky? I also have the replacement bands that I haven't gotten around to install. I think that is a priority now.
  15. Well, I need my reading glasses now and I will be sending in my AARP membership fee for the first time.
  16. I trimmed up an 11 lb brisket and it goes into the kamado around midnight and based on the last two sessions I expected it will reach stall/wrapping temp around 8ish. Alarm wake me up about 6:50 to help get my daughter ready for school. Took a look on the Fireboard dashboard and saw the prob temp at 189. Immediately freaked out. Got butcher paper ready, wrapped and put it back into the smoker in 10 minutes. Got my daughter on her way and took a look at the phone again and it says 135F? WTH? I took the Thermapen out and tested a few spots and the temp is indeed at the mid 130s. Unwrapped, put it back to continue cooking. I checked the historical chart and at no point in time after I put the brisket in initially, the probe temp has exceeded the current high. To summarize and lessons learned: - Don't trust your eyes when you are sleepy and not wearing glasses. - Double check temp with thermometer before next step in the process
  17. I saw a smaller full brisket at Costco couple months back and bought it since it is more suitable for a small family. I put it in freezer and I took it out today to thaw in the refrigerator for a cook on Friday night (inviting another family over on Saturday.) This brisket is only 7.7 lbs untrimmed. The first (and only) brisket I smoked last time was a 14.5 lbs (trimmed slightly under 10) and it took 17 hours, plus 1 hour to rest. That seems like close to the ballpark of 1.5 hr/lb rule of thumb. I am guessing it will be around 6 lbs after trimming and wonder if it will be ready in much less time. I am expecting 10-11 hrs before rest. Would this be a reasonable estimate?
  18. Thank you all for the tips. Clark, when I wrap with foil at the stall I put 1/4 cup of apple juice/apple cider vinegar in the bottom of the wrap. Do you think that and the juice from the butt is sufficient to be added into the vacuum bag to retain moisture. Good call on the non-freezing step. I plan to cook them on Thursday. have some for dinner and save the rest for camping. There are fridge in our cabin as well as my sister's RV. At worst I can buy more ice for the cooler.
  19. Going on a camping trip next weekend and my family has Sunday cooking duties. I plan to grill some steaks there on my sister's Blackstone. There will be a large group so I am thinking also smoking two pork shoulders ahead of time and reheat them in my sister's RV. What can be done for best result? - Cook during the week. - Shred, wait for them to cool then vacuum seal them. - Freeze - At camp site, reheat them in hot water. Is that a good enough approach to get decent results? Should add something into the bag to prevent them from getting dry?
  20. I read somewhere that high heat will cause issue for the bands. Is it because the metal expands?
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