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  1. Hahaha I like it to! Didn’t even realise it
  2. hmmm another bloody cooking device it seems! Ooni Karu
  3. I've been smashing out pizzas on the Kamado Joe Classic, using a pizza stone, sitting on weber trivet above the deflectors. Use briquettes to build up heat then throw on charcoal to get it up to 800-900F to cook 90 sec sourdough base pizzas. They are awesome, and I've been doing 20 in a night for parties, a lot of work. But you can add fuel on the side of the stone and deflector and keep that baby stoked up between pizzas just fine. I decided to try a doJoe, and my first impressions are 1) 700F limit not hot enough for traditional DOC pizza 2) hard to ensure pizza placed correctly due to small mouth. 3) can't add fuel once started 4) hard to clean pizza stone during cook, semolina to ensure dough rolls off seems to build up and burn, and you can't see it to clean it while cooking So given I like to cook a few pizzas I though this would serve me well, I'm frankly disappointed, and will probably go back to no dojoe for larger groups of people, which is disappointing. Am I missing something?
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