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  1. Hey Steve, thabks for the comment back. Is that the replacement on the Kamado site? I’m pretty sure I’m out of the 5 year warranty........ so I’m struggling figuring out what the serial group this grill falls into to know if the new hinge they sell, works with this grill. Don’t wanna spend $250 if it’s not going to work, but would love to get it back fully functional too. Thanks again!
  2. Hey guys, New to the thread......my dad bought what I believe is an original Big Joe. Weve had it for a few years and its been a great grill/smoker, but recently the cages on the bearings started coming apart on it. The lid wont stay open on its own now. I know Kamado Joe started building replacement hinges, however, my dad doesnt have his paperwork from the manufacturer on it. Long story short, im not sure what the serial number is to know if the new hinge will fit this grill. Can you tell from looking at pictures to know if thehinge will fit? Attaching pictures for reference, if anyone
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