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  1. My damper did seal up nicely after a few cooks.
  2. Hi all, Just bought a big Joe half moon cast-iron griddle for $40 at Rona in Barrie, ON. Looks like they are getting rid of the line and are clearing out the remaining products. They had 18" and 24" griddles and soap stones, as well as some other items.
  3. Hi all, I finally got my E6 last week and couldn't be happier. I have noticed while using it the when I open and close the lid the handle for the lid damper moves with gravity. I'm wondering if anyone else's does this or if the rivet on my unit it's just loose? Thanks for the feed back
  4. Did you have the coal on the upper or lower grid?
  5. I'd just like to second the motion of a summit specific page. I just purchased mine and am waiting for delivery. I feel that the summit is unique in that it can operate as a Kamado as well as a kettle and thus deserves its own forum. It isn't just another BSK or Akorn.
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