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  1. Thank you, I used your table design as inspiration for mine. I think it came out pretty good
  2. Hi everyone. I am taking delivery of a Kamado Joe Classic III today. I am super excited as I have wanted a Kamado style grill for a long time. I was surprised to get a bonus at work this year and took it as a sign to finally buy one. My wife and I started a table build for it last weekend (we enjoy little projects like that together). We just need to fit the shelf for the unit and cut the hole for the top. I wanted the Kamado here, so I can get the measurements right. I previously had a cheap offset smoker that started to rust through in the fire box, so I am not a total stranger to smoking. I am looking forward to getting it assembled and fired up over the weekend. I have no clue how I will let this sit in the garage until Saturday morning! Keith
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