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  1. Have you received it yet? I'm thinking about ordering but also considering the fibreboard 2 pro because of the high temp capability. But love that the smart fire works with the wireless heater probes now! May end up with both!
  2. That sounds fab. So important to get them involved in cooking from a young age. My wee one knows his way around our thermomix and helps make batter for waffles every Sunday. We've found the the Opinel petit chef knives great (and in fact I often use choose to use them myself!) along with the Kuhn Rikon kids' knifes for the fun factor. Valuable learning knife skills at a young age and how to properly handle them from a safety perspective.
  3. That's useful, thanks. I think perhaps going for the big Joe for increased flexibility, knowing that it will take longer and therefore will be for use at weekends, whilst keeping his current BBQ for quick week night meals (and yes perhaps up adding in a classic or junior in a few years, since our wee boy will obviously need his own to braii with dad )
  4. I would love to do a double set up, but as I'm already telling hubby that the grill costs less than half what it does, I don't think id manage to wrangle that and not have a grumpy OH! (I will say he would not have any problem with me spending it on myself, in fact never asks what my gadgets cost, but he is definitely the thrifty one, and balked when I said the grill would be about £700! We're currently a family of 3 (and that includes a 3 year old!) so whilst I think the classic would be fine, I do always lust after biggest/shiniest and think I'd regret not getting him the extra space the BJ affords. Did you find much difference in time to get up to temp with the BJ? I guess that's probably the only factor that worries me with the bigger size, that it would take too long, be too much hassle and therefore be ignored for his current set up (Lotus XL) which takes 5-10 mins to be ready (although clearly hugely inferior in terms of abilities and scope of use)
  5. I think it's just KJ branded accessories, so the dojoe, Joetisserie, all the different grate/griddle/soapstone options, rib rack, ikamand, etc. Bundled for approx £3.5k so seems like a reasonable deal.
  6. Eeek... more choice! Can I ask what the main differences between the Monolith and KJ are? Would the accessories like the Joetisserie and dojoe work on the Monolith (or do they have their own version?). I was planning on buying a bundle with all available accessories as I do love the faff around with gadgetry There will most definitely be vast quantities of steak and boerewors!
  7. Hi all, I am a wife, mum and an emergency medicine doctor - so life is certainly busy at the moment! I've decided to get a Kamado Joe as a birthday present for my South African husband who loves to braii (BBQ in South African). Like many before me, I am going back and forth between the classic and big Joe (definitely decided on series 3). Reading lots of posts to try and make the decision! Hope everyone is keeping safe and well in these strange times. Best wishes, Zoe
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