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  1. I bought my kj from costco which is my favorite store. I know lots of people abuse the return policy but I can't ever bring myself to do something like that. I bought my vision from costco as well. If it wasn't for costco return policy I would not have taken a chance on the vision. That grill changed my life. Now I have 3 kamados and I'm an addict. I look forward to seeing the upgrades in the future. 

  2. Per John's suggestion I did a few sessions on the KK forum (version 4.x) using the mobile skin to test out what the new software will be like. Here is what I noticed compared to tapatalk.

    Tapatalk is a bit easier to navigate through the major functions. To switch between new content, time line, and forums is one click on tapatalk. On the mobile skin you have to go into a menu then a sub menu, total of 3 clicks. That to me is a non issue as both are easy enough.


    On the mobile skin I couldn't find anywhere to change my personal theme to a dark background (tapatalk has that ability). I also couldn't find a way to make my font bigger or to make it bold. Because of this the mobile skin is much harder to read than tapatalk (eyes aren't what they use to be).

    I fully admit I might not know what I'm doing and if somebody could direct me to solving those issues I'm more than willing. As of right now tapatalk wins hands down.

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    Not sure about the theme as I use the default but you should be able to set the text size in your browser. I either pinch zoom or set it in the setting menu. 

  3. We have fios 50/50, we use ooma for the phone which is free except for the taxes so it costs maybe 4 dollars a month. We still have tv thru fios but it's the smallest package available because my 75 year old mother lives with us and she's not going to learn any system besides turning on the cable box lol. I never use the cable except baseball games. If my mom didn't live with us we'd stream everything. Te only reason we have a home phone is incase my son needs 911. I didn't want him or anyone to have to find a cell phone in an emergency. 

  4. My Costco can be packed with customers, and we usually don't have to wait long to checkout. When we go to SAMs, they will have far less business, only have a few checkout lanes open run by untrained employees, and the checkout process is always long and frustrating.

    Costco has it together...

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    This is so true. Same thing at bjs if 3 people are in front of you it's slower than 10 at costco. 

  5. We love meat loaf around here.  I think the bad rep also comes from to many people making dry meat loaf covered in thick brown gravy. When I was a kid my mom made a great meatloaf.  I had friends who wouldn't eat it at home but would at my house. My wife learned from my mother how to make it so it's become a staple here. 

  6. I use only one most of the time.That said I'm very happy having not only having the ability to do 2 diffrent temps but also for the extra room. I sometimes cook for a week or two. Just recently I smoked two pork butts over the weekend and used the other one for grilling lunch and dinner at much higher temps.  Several times over the summer we have a large group of friends and family over so it's really nice to have the extra room.

  7. They only blade tende cheap tough cuts. They are clearly labeled.  I have never gotten sick from it. I use a jicard at home which does the same thing and have never gotten sick. Not only does it break up tough tissues it let's the marinade pent rate the whole piece. This works great for London broil.  Oh an I cook mine to medium rare everytime.  

  8. My costco does not have them. That said they have fantastic meat,cheeses and other products for great prices. There return policy is awesome.  Some of the best buys besides meat and cheese are latex gloves, paper goods,aluminum pans, cell phones (3 month price protection). Get there better membership for 110. Regular club memberships is 55, executive is an additional 55. With the executive you get extra perks and benifits but best of all is the 2% cash back every year. If the check you get is less than the $55 upgrade fee they will refund you the diffrence.  So the executive membership either pays for itself I got almost $200 back this year or its free.

    As others have stated Kirkland store brand is excellent. 

    Some lesser know benifits cheaper credit protection, good prices on various home improvements like carpetting and central a/c.


    I booked my honeymoon thru costco who was cheaper than any other travel site and included like $400 in extras for free.

  9. Whatever is on sale as long as it's decent. Even on sale I won't buy stuff like cowboy lump. Here in NY lump is very limited especially different brands. So far I have tried frontier(bjs), RO(home depot/walmart, KJ (road show @costco), Cowboy(lowes/walmart), Big green egg(I won the bag and a mini). KJ is the best so far from what I've tried but to be fair the big green egg bag looked like it lost a fight. It was taped up all over and leaking.

  10. Like others have mentioned above - the purpose of two zone cooking is so that you can have direct heat (use grates close or elevated slightly from the coals) and indirect heat.  Using this method you can sear the meat close to the fire and then move to the indirect side or vice versa.  Really doesn't too much matter what the temp difference is because you should cook the meat to the desired internal temp - so if you sear first and then move to indirect side it doesn't matter if temp is 250*, 350*, or higher because you are cooking to desired internal temp of the meat.  The difference the temperature is going to make is how long it will take to get to that desired temp.

    I have to disagree with you slightly. I think it does matter because the lower the cook temp the more even the cook. What I mean is using a lower temp gives you a better more even pink with less gray. This is part of why sous vide works as well as it does for steaks. That nice even pink all the way across. Don't get me wrong at 350 you will still get a nice steak but imho not as good.

  11. Ha, when I first saw the title I thought this was going to be another burp your grill PSA.

    I had the same thought lol.


    I do know someone who had to go to the doc because he used Nair in a private spot and had a bad reaction. My friends and I couldn't stop breaking his ...... for months.  

  12. Pork loin, pork tenderloin, whole chickens and top rounds from costco are all reasonably budget friendly and can be just awesome. I find the biggest thing is to just check the circulars. The combination of sales plus my vac sealer saves me a fortune. There is a local chain in my area called king kullen that has an excellent meat department for a supermarket. That said there prices are very high but when they have a sale on London broil for holidays like memorial day I will buy 40 or 50 pounds and vac seal before putting in the deep freaze. Now with the Sous vide it's even better because I can season ,seal,freeze, drop into the water bath, finnish on the grill for an easy meal whenever I want. 

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