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  1. It works awesome for fresh herbs. You can save a fortune buying bulk generic refills and your own seeds. The ones from miracle grow are insanely expensive. To be honest except for the fact that one herb didn't grow ours did look a lot like the picture.
  2. Ive never tried them but I believe I remember there being a discussion a while back on this or something similar. It was a diffrent service. I found the discussion http://www.kamadoguru.com/topic/28232-blue-apron-food-delivery/?hl=delivery
  3. Basically what everyone else said. Don't sweat small changes in temperature and I also like the probe over the deflector where temps are more stable. Remember the food is done whenough it's done. The only diffrence between 225 and 275 is what time it will be ready personally I like 275 and this seems to really knock out the stall.
  4. Start with a full firebox. Load her up everytime. If you want low and slow light just a couple coals. If you want high heat light more coals to make it hit temp faster. Learn your vent settings. Spend a day just playing with the vents. Try to hit 225,250,300,350 and so on. Those settings won't change much. Wtch some of Johns getting to know your joe video. The basics apply to any kamado.https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLlgBoHNMFcqkusiqUGn7vC5SOHGo_jZvN The only diffrence will be with some of the hardware. Search this site lots of great info.
  5. I like then sous vide or smoked. I think slow smoking it adds flavor and it comes out juicy. Grilled they have that crusty outside but smoked they are more tender. Lately I use the Sous vide and finnish on the kamado.
  6. I have the cast iron top vent after upgrading. Get the Kick as basket. The cast iron top vent is nice, I got it at a discount when my original classic b top failed. If I was paying full price I'd go with the basket. It's very high on my things to buy next lis.
  7. Welcome to the club. Nice to see another nyorker
  8. ^^^^^this. I just resize my photos. I have an app on my phone and my computer that does batch resizing. Both were free.
  9. Lol ironically that's what he wants tonight for his birthday dinner. Also some sausage. He's quite the little carnivore. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  10. So just an update. My son turned 5 today and is having tons of fun despite the cast. He's awesome nothing bothers him. I set this up while he was sleeping. He's an only child and only grandchild, and only great grandchild so there will be a ton more. How cool are these compared to the old slot cars. https://1drv.ms/v/s!Agrk_6i5eKDZgq5aU7CeEFyenmG_Lg
  11. Food looks great. Maybe I'm strange but I love potato salad when it's warm. My wife always makes it while the potatoes are still hot. I will have to try cooking then sous vide. What time and temp did you use for the tatoes? Do you have a recipe or link to the sauce?
  12. I'm not a big fan of IPAs. To be honest I like beer flavored beer.
  13. Thanks guy . He's doing great and was a real trooper. All he wanted to know the whole time was when can we leave and when can he eat. Thus all happened right before dinner so he went along time with out eating.
  14. I've been trying to use Tapatalk but I have all kinds of issues with it. Sent from my SM-N910V using Tapatalk
  15. Many time I've had my heat deflector resting basically right on top of the coals.
  16. Do not add more coal for higher temps and less coal for lower temps. Always fill her up. Light a small amount and use the vents to control temps. Your vents control your temps like your foot on the gas peddle. Not how much fuel is in the tank. I stole this analogy from a cantankerous crank.
  17. Genetically my family seems to be prone to crazy accidents and injuries. I'm in the hospital because my son fractured his wrist in 2 places just playing. Last year he fractured his foot jumping off a big slide. My father, uncles ,brother and me have all smashed and broken things in crazy accidents. A short list of the family history and believe me there are many more examples include racing a train on a motorcycle and losing, however he did live. My dad fell 6 stories twice lived the first time not the second. My brother crashed a snowmobile into a tree as a kid, got the on out of a moving car at 21. I've fallen out of a tree onto a nail that went thru my foot. I once got thrown under a tube on an ice slide and got hundreds of cuts all over my body from the ice. The list goes on and on. Makes me worry what he will do next.
  18. Te ivation was on sale on the home page. Sometimes amazon sales don't show until you are checking out.
  19. Looks amazing. I've never tried that flavor before. Next time I go to the Asian market I'm going to look for it. That color is just killer.
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