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  1. Thanks, used it as well and i confirm it perfectly fits
  2. Dear fellow Blaze Kamado owners, Has anyone found a Rotisserie basket that would fit Blaze Kamado (even with modifications)? I have looked into Amazon but nothing seems to be a fit due to the fact that the rod in Blaze Kamado is not entered into the middle of the Kamado but rather more on the front and also due to the design of the rotisserie kit it has lesser space compared to Joetiserrie where some of the Rotisserie baskets are made for. I had to modify the Napoleon 64008 Kebab wheel to fit (pics attached) however not easy to do with a Rotisserie basket.
  3. Has anyone tried to put meat on Blaze Kamado Rotisserie skewer (other than chicken)? The skewer is not sharp at any of its sides so i was wondering how to put meat on this skewer. Anyone tried?
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