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  1. Wow ..... really intrigued as how these variations can happen at that level when products are molded ..... the only explanation would be that the molds are not all at precise measurements between each other strange ... Hope my Dojoe fits my classic 1 correctly seems like a gamble Cheers
  2. Thx for the replies , it’s hard to fantom how some could have issues and others don’t ..... how can standard measurements differ between both items that would disrupt proper fitting between the 2 also, what do you guys think of lining the Dojoe ( even the Joetisserie ) with Nomex in order to preserve the gasket on the KJ during cooks i am also hearing these two items go through gaskets fast on my end i have noticed my gasket was completely gone this season and i used my Joetisserie quite alot last season i replaced it following John’s gasket replacement video ..thx John Cheers
  3. Hi , i have been hearing some that some Dojoe users have issues fitting the Dojoe on a Classic 1 is this a real issue , KD says it fits Classic without mentioning any generations I have ordered my Dojoe and nned to be sure this will perfectly fit my Classic 1. 18” Cheers
  4. Yeah , these kind of marks are achieved when people brine or put sugary sauces on their meat ........GG give great sear results .... you just need to control your Kamado and use good quality meats ... use sauces after grilling if you must ...with good cuts just let the meat and your grilling talent speak out
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