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  1. Hi everyone! Great thread for pizzas on kamados :) I ordered a biscotto di sorrento stone from the Finnish website after all the great pizza pics on this thread! I have a Kamado Blaze, so operation will be a little different than with the Kamado Joe and wanted to ask for your opinion as I'm sure you've tried several things. I was thinking of placing a heat deflector at the bottom rack, and setting the pizza stone on top of the upper grill rack. That way the heat deflector will keep direct flames away from the pizza stone, whereby hopefully the pizza stone will reach the same temperature as the dome. My only worry is if the heat deflector at the bottom would keep the pizza stone from reaching those high temps, and if that would mean I'd have to have it running for a long time before getting that temp. What are your thoughts? I've added an image which could explain what I mean with my setup at this link. Thanks.
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