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  1. @ndg_2000 that's great, thanks for that, I'm currently using a generic BBQ cover but this looks a much better fit. Just had my third session with the kamado today, slow cooked chicken after my roast chicken at the weekend and grilled pork chops last night. 3hrs at ~135C ~275F, even whilst raining. Gotta say am loving this baby. Made a make shift heat deflector from an aluminium foil dish, too close to the grill but protected the bird mostly ... Any suggestions on heat deflectors?
  2. Thanks for the welcome. Yes it's a 26.5cm, 10.5", grill grate. Already had a charcoal burn in it tonight to "prepare it" as the instructions suggest. Kept it nicely between 100-200C. Wow what a Smokey aroma came off it, so looking forward to trying something on a low and slow cook. Already considering a heat deflector and need a cover, so any suggestions on the UK will be appreciated.
  3. Hi All, Having been browsing Kamados for a while I went for an impulse buy today on a mini Kamado from Lidl here in the UK. Price, £99, meant I can try out this interesting cooking method without blowing the cost of a top quality gas BBQ. Looking forward to the weekend and the chance to fire it up. Have been an avid outdoor cook for a while, using my Gas Weber all year round, a wood chip/gas pizza oven as well as a baby Hibachi. Look forward to sharing my (mis-)adventures with the friendly crowd here. Cheers Jon
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