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  1. Awesome!! Looks great :-) How did you prep it? I injected it with my rub, apple juice, butter, apple cider vinagar and brown sugar.... I also basted it every 30 mins....
  2. Tried cooking a pork loin for the first time.. It came out great.
  3. Yes they came out very good.. I plan on doing them again..
  4. Trying a recipe from Myron Mixon "Every Day Barbeque"... We will see how it goes! All Done!!!
  5. WoW, Great job with the burger and kool video.....
  6. Looks good I can smell it from here...
  7. Cali here too, Lakeside! Welcome!!
  8. Hey I also have a Vision from Costco and I am from San Diego.. Welcome back!
  9. Yeah there telling me it's past the warranty and i need to buy another probe... I was told with the amount of cooks (less than 10) it is common.?.?.?
  10. I dont normally complain about things, but, I will have to say BBQ Customer support is lacking. I have called, called, called and they never answer.... Finally after calling all morning, they finally answer the phone, only to be told my product is not under warranty anymore...... I purchased the PartyQ at the end of March 2013 and have done probably less than 10 low and slow cooks and the pit probe is bad.... Personally, I think the pit probe should last more than what I've used mine... Has anyone else had a problem with their pit probe? I've never had my Kamado over 275 with the pit proble in it....... So, I ordered another pit probe, 35 bucks with shipping!!! Wish they would have sent me another for free!!!!!
  11. I got up this morning, prepped (2) whole chickens, fired up the Vision and inserted the PartyQ and all I got were 3 bars _ _ _ ... I changed the batteries and still the same thing. So I checked the owners manual and it states that my probe is bad. I've owned this since April and have only done low and slow cooks, probably no more than 10... I hope they will replace the probe for free. Chickens are cooking regardless!!!! All about getter done!!!! All Done!!
  12. LOL... My show time starts when i put the food on the grill (enjoy cooking more than eating), their's starts when they dig in! HeHe.....
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