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  1. Hi all, So i've got myself one of the iKamand devices for my KJ Classic II, and it seemed fairly easy to setup and install onto the bottom grate. The issue i'm having with it though is that the pit probe seems to just constantly reading hotter temperatures as time passes. Now, my meat is cooking at the pace it should for a 225-250f cook, but i'm getting readings from the probe that started at 230 this morning but are now at 450+! I've got my top vent open less than I would usually, and the fan on the iKamand isn't artificially raising the temp. And the in built top probe is reading 250f as it has all day. Do I need to calibrate the iKamand pit probe in any way, or do I just need to replace it? Many thanks.
  2. Hi all, I'm currently looking at getting something to make fire management more hands free for longer cooks that i'm planning with my new KJ. I can't seem to find any reviews on the iKamand V2 that are recent - i've seen plenty of older reviews with people talking about bad firmware glitches. But I wonder what the current state of the V2 is? And in comparison, i'd love to hear if anyone has the Inkbird temp controller and could compare it in terms of reliability. Also, which of the two performs more reliably? Thanks in advance for any insight!
  3. Thanks @len440, i've had a read through the guide and it's very informative! I did a few spice-rubbed chicken legs with some garlic and oregano infused breasts. With a side of fries and chargrilled vegetable skewers and a good English beer to wash it down! The moisture retention of the KJ is truly incredible. Do you have any local recipes you'd recommend for me to try? I'd love to expand some of my recipes. All the best
  4. Thanks for the warm welcome - and for the attached reference PDF. I'm sure i'll be asking plenty of follow up questions in the forums in no time! All the best.
  5. Hey all, Craig here - I got my KJ Classic 2 a few days ago and have done a couple of test cooks with it already. I had a cheap as chips offset smoker before and despite being terrible, I was able to get 2 'good' 12hr smokes out of it before it broke down. Hence the upgrade to the KJ! I'm already noticing a world of difference in the quality when you buy something built for purpose like this. It holds its temperature so well, it's unbelievable! I think it will be a while until I start looking at all the fancy upgrades that i'm sure exist for it, as i'm in complete awe of it's out of the box capability! So far i've tried: - Homemade cheese burgers - A reverse seared wagyu rump steak with charred asparagus and roasted sweet potatoes (this was pretty ambitious for me as it was my second cook on the beast!) And tonight i'll try chicken for the first time with the KJ. All the best from Bedfordshire, England!
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