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  1. I found the charcoal I was looking for. It is called Meathead Charcoal. The company is in Gainesville, GA. Thanks to all that took a look
  2. About three weeks ago, I was looking at charcoal reviews online. I ran across a brand of lump charcoal that is made in Georgia. It is only sold in stores in Georgia. You can also buy it from their website. I almost ordered some. It comes in a mostly white bag. I moved on to other things and now I cannot find it online. Can someone help me remember the name of this lump charcoal?
  3. I just had another successful burger cook. 1. Waiting a while before putting food on the grill. 2. Make sure you like the smell coming out of the chimney. 3. Cook burgers on half-moon cast-iron griddle. I did not wait quite a long this time and th burgers still came out good.
  4. As I was waiting the hour, it did seem like things did not change too much. Perhaps, I can gradually back the time off and arrive at a best wait time.
  5. Hello. Thank you for all the useful replies. After several more cooks and throwing away some bitter burgers, this evening I have success to report. I was inspired by keeprovdeflame so I purchased an Eggspander basket and a half-moon griddle to try to avoid smoke from drippings. Though I really like using them, that setup alone Did not improve the flavor. Enter Adm’s comment. I think you you might be cooking too soon. I have watched a few kamado grill cooking videos. A couple of times in a row the cooker in the video, said. I usually let the grill hold it’s temperature for about an hou
  6. Thanks for the ideas keeperovdeflame. I will try them. In your setup l can’t quite tell. Is your grate sitting at the same height as is standard and the half moon stone hangs below that using the eggspander? Thanks again.
  7. I have been cooking on my large Big Green Egg for about 5 months. I have spent the last 20+ years cooking with a gas grill. I fondly remember cooking burgers on a hibachi grill as a kid and on a Webber Kettle in my early adult life with charcoal briquettes. I remember liking it so much, I would eat at least one extra burger without a bun once I knew everybody had what they wanted. Hoping to get the flavor I remember back, I hinted about a BGE and my wife got me one for Christmas. I have cooked steaks several times and burgers several times. The meat has a bitter charcoal taste, especiall
  8. After trying several times to get signed up for the Egghead Forum, I gave up. I look forward to contributing to this forum.
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